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World - Region
2/17/2013 12:22:20 PM
Security services arrest members of a 'terrorist cell' made up of eight Bahraini citizens and linked to Iraq, Iran and Lebanon amid growing protests by Shiite opposition

World - International
2/17/2013 10:11:01 AM
The death toll from Saturday bombings that targeted Shiite Muslims in the Pakistani city of Quetta rises to 81 and leaves another 164 injured in the deadliest incident in the year

World - Region
2/17/2013 9:23:21 AM
Rebels heighten their offensive in northern Syria, attacking Aleppo airport and two airbases, as the UN rights chief urged international action against President Bashar al-Assad

World - Region
2/16/2013 4:55:19 PM
Syrian rights group reports that more than 300 people including women and children were abducted by armed groups in northwestern Syria

World - Region
2/16/2013 1:03:43 PM
Bahrain announces it found a bomb on the 25km-long King Fahd causeway that links the Kingdom of Bahrain with the Eastern region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

World - Region
2/16/2013 12:32:41 PM
Bahrain's interior ministry says it 'arrested four terrorists possessing weapons with which they had fired on security forces in Karzakan', a Shiite village southwest of Manama

World - Region
2/16/2013 11:24:48 AM

Multimedia -
2/15/2013 5:03:17 PM

World - Region
2/15/2013 4:40:53 PM
One killed and dozens injured following clashes between Bahrain's security forces and hundreds of Shiite protesters marking the second anniversary of the 2011 uprising

World - Region
2/15/2013 2:52:19 PM
Thousands of Iraqis protest in several Sunni cities after weekly Muslim prayers to urge for the removal of PM Nuri Al-Maliki

World - Region
2/15/2013 11:39:19 AM
The Gulf Cooperation Council calls nuclear-ambitious Iran not to 'interfere' in domestic affairs of Arab states following a controversial suggestion on Syria and Bahrain

World - Region
2/15/2013 10:24:06 AM
Bahrain's interior ministry says a police offices was killed after he was hit by a patrol bomb during clashes with anti-regime Shiite protesters

World - Region
2/14/2013 9:46:37 PM
Two years on, the euphoria of the Arab Spring has long gone

World - Region
2/14/2013 3:42:28 PM
The Shiite villages in Bahrain proved to be the main source of political unrest in Bahrain, a situation that was widely seen during the 2011 uprising against the Sunni monarchy

World - Region
2/10/2013 3:17:49 PM
Amid mounting regional unrest, joint Gulf force, the Peninsula Shield, begins a 17-day war games exercise

World - Region
2/10/2013 12:04:46 PM
Bahrain's National dialogue resumes Sunday in an atmosphere of deep mutual mistrust between the Sunni government and the Shiite opposition ahead of the second anniversary of an uprising that shook the Gulf kingdom

World - Region
2/9/2013 1:23:02 PM
UNHCR advises setting up at least two transit centres in Lebanon for the Syrian refugees but also fears that large camps of Sunni Muslim Syrians could inflame sectarian tensions

World - Region
2/8/2013 11:00:00 AM
Police and hospital sources say at least 26 people died after car bomb explosions in Shiite areas in the wake of growing Sunni-Shiite tensions in Iraq

Egypt -
2/6/2013 6:24:22 PM
Organisation of Islamic Cooperation's secretary-general tells Ahram Online that rapprochement between different Muslim sects is essential

Egypt - Politics
2/6/2013 10:36:58 AM
Syria at the heart of the Islamic summit's agenda in Cairo

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