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Egypt - Politics
9/6/2014 6:03:04 PM
El-Sergany joined Al-Ahram establishment in the 1980s, but also contributed to Al-Masry Al-Youm and Al-Gomhoreya newspapers

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6/23/2014 12:21:59 PM
Ahram Online presents live coverage of Egypt's highest state honours, as voting at the Supreme Council of Culture takes place behind closed doors

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
6/23/2014 12:00:00 AM
After a day of secret voting, the Supreme Council of Culture presents 2014's State Awards, 52 prizes worth some LE7 million

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9/25/2013 2:10:27 PM
Taha Hussein argued in his 1938 volume that Egypt was a never an Arab, but a Western country. The contentious book is now republished by the Supreme Council of Culture

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
9/23/2013 8:25:33 PM
Three-day conference to be held in October to draft new cultural policies for Egypt

Arts & Culture - Euro Film Week 2012
9/27/2012 12:00:00 AM
The Panorama of the European Film press conference was held yesterday at the Supreme Council of Culture

Arts & Culture - Film
7/17/2012 6:00:13 PM
During a press conference held yesterday filmmaker and head of the National Council of Cinema affirmed that the festival will be held on schedule

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
7/1/2012 4:02:15 PM
The Supreme Council of Culture releases a statement calling on President Mohamed Morsi to respect all state institutions, especially those in the cultural field

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
5/7/2012 9:55:34 AM
Theatre critic Hatem Hafez resigns from the Supreme Council of Culture, saying the culture ministry operates on a 'policy of confusion' and accuses it of trying to restore the Mubarak regime

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
4/30/2012 3:05:52 PM
Egyptian minister of culture Shaker Abdel Hamid denies involvement in proposed law for member of armed forces to be at ministry of culture

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3/10/2012 1:42:58 PM
The Supreme Council of Culture will host a seminar 19 March in Zamalek on the writing of Egypt's post-revolution constitution

Arts & Culture - Film
3/8/2012 6:45:38 PM
Ahmed Abdallah prevented from filming in Sayeda Nafisa mosque despite having official permission, Egyptian Creativity Front condemns decision

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2/22/2012 4:38:39 PM
A monthly book dedicated to talented writers and poets under 35

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12/20/2011 6:43:10 PM
Experienced literature professor Camilia Sobhy, who received a French knighthood for Art and Culture, is to oversee the council's reshuffle

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
12/20/2011 1:55:44 PM
French Literature professor Kamilia Sobhy to serve in post for three months

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10/13/2011 3:02:56 PM
Supreme Council of Culture on Sunday will honour the memory of the late Khairy Shalaby, one of Egypt's most celebrated novelists

Arts & Culture - Film
9/8/2011 2:56:54 PM
Italian director Stefano Savora presents film telling the story of Egypt's revolution

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
8/25/2011 12:02:27 PM
A talk is being prepared to discuss the changes in Egypt and the Arab world, to be held on the anniversary of the revolution

Arts & Culture - Visual Art
8/21/2011 2:58:04 PM
Supreme Council of Culture will hold a discussion on Paintings of the Pilgrimage: The Art of Expression of the Holy Journey, this evening

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
8/18/2011 2:01:27 PM
The minister of culture Emad Abou Ghazi filled two new posts at the Supreme Council of Culture

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