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World - Region
6/18/2023 5:53:52 PM
The Swiss, feeling the impact of global warming on their rapidly melting glaciers, on Sunday backed a new climate bill aimed at steering their country towards carbon neutrality by 2050.

COP27 - Climate change
9/28/2022 11:17:24 PM
Switzerland's glaciers are melting like never before, an academic study released Wednesday found, with their ice volume declining by 6% this year amid rising concerns about global warming and a summer heat wave that swept across Europe.

World - International
5/22/2022 5:25:58 PM
Davos _ the hub of an elite annual gathering in the Swiss Alps _ is back, more than two years after the coronavirus pandemic kept its business gurus, political leaders and high-minded activists away. There's no shortage of urgent issues for the World Economic Forum's annual meeting to tackle.

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8/25/2019 5:17:08 PM

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8/7/2018 7:41:18 PM

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5/1/2018 10:07:38 AM

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8/25/2017 7:17:25 PM

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Business - Economy
1/26/2012 3:57:05 PM
As global economic heads meet at the Swiss resort, chiefs of embattled banks are keeping a low profile yet stressing the need for their services if economies are to grow

Business - Economy
1/18/2012 11:59:56 AM
Swiss-based international developer has arranged another brace of loans to fund its capital expenditures for 2012