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World - Region
11/30/2011 11:24:25 AM
Turkish government announces the suspension of all financial dealings with Syria and freezes Syrian government assets as part of sanctions against President Bashar al-Assad's government

Business - Economy
11/19/2011 11:51:08 AM
As a retaliation on EU sanctions imposed on Al-Assad's regime, the Syrian government halted payments to French oil company Total until its oil exports are resumed

World - Region
11/13/2011 3:15:21 PM
Saudi Arabia condemned on Sunday an attack by angry protesters on its embassy in Damascus, blaming the Syrian government for a security lapse

World - Region
11/13/2011 9:59:08 AM
Saudi Arabia condemns an attack by angry protesters on its embassy in Damascus late on Saturday, blaming the Syrian government for a security lapse

World - Region
11/8/2011 12:43:01 PM
UN human rights body condemn the Syrian government brutal crackdown against peaceful protesters, calling on the Assad regime to stop its violence immediately

World - Region
11/4/2011 7:38:58 PM
Security forces open fire on protesters leaving Friday prayers, casting doubts on Syrian government's earlier pledge to give amnesty to 'armed insurgents' it blames for the uprising

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11/4/2011 3:24:21 PM
State TV said that Syrian government calls on 'Insurgents' to turn themselves in within one week to receive amnesty

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10/30/2011 3:48:06 PM
China's envoy to the Middle East urges the Syrian government to end its use of violence in the country, saying that it cannot continue

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10/26/2011 9:52:19 AM
An Arab delegation led by Qatar is heading to Damascus for mediation between the Syrian government and its opponents, while activists reject dialogue and call for a general strike

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10/4/2011 4:25:08 PM
Germany's FM Guido Westerwelle urges support by Security Council members for a UN resolution against the Syrian government voted on Tuesday

World - Region
9/29/2011 1:36:54 PM
American envoy in Syria attacked by pro-Assad supporters and the Syrian government accuses the United States of "encouraging" armed groups to practice violence against its army

World - Region
8/15/2011 11:15:58 AM
Philippine foreign secretary calls on the Syrian government to ensure the safety of foreign nationals

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7/25/2011 10:42:50 AM
Syria's government has adopted a draft law authorising multipartism in a move that could allow for a change in power in the Arab country ruled for decades by the Baath party

World - Region
6/19/2011 11:44:52 AM
Unlike other Arab autocratic regimes which have cracked under a wave of uprisings Syria's leadership has remained intact but analysts differ on whether it can weather the storm and survive

World - Region
6/16/2011 1:22:03 PM
Washington calls on Syrian government to stop using violence against peaceful protesters and allow UN Human Rights Council to investigators the situation in Syria

World - Region
6/12/2011 2:54:39 PM
The British foreign minister urges the UN to deliver a 'clear statement' to the Syrian government with a resolution condemning its crackdown on anti-regime protesters

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4/26/2011 3:01:04 PM
As the Syrian government continues its bloody crackdown on civilian protests, the West is looking into sending 'a strong signal' to the Assad regime

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4/24/2011 5:35:58 PM
Crackdown by the Syrian government since massive protests erupted on Friday kills 120 people

World - Region
4/15/2011 12:03:27 PM
A Human Rights Watch report said Syrian government tortured hundreds of its citizens

World - Region
3/24/2011 5:52:48 PM
At least 37 protesters dead according to main hospital as Syrian government says it is looking into people's demands, Deraa under tight security control

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