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World - Region
7/24/2013 4:11:15 PM
Proof of Qatar's continued support of the Syrian opposition came in the form of $5 million grant to the Syrian National Coalition to purchase humanitarian aid supplies
World - Region
7/23/2013 9:11:36 PM
Syrian opposition leader is trying to convince France to boost its support for rebels battling Bashar al-Assad
World - Region
7/20/2013 9:32:44 PM
Syrian opposition representative will meet with foreign minister to discuss Syria's civil war and the new visa restrictions for Syrians in Egypt
World - Region
7/10/2013 8:36:24 PM
Syrian opposition urges regime to accept a truce to stop fighting in Homs in the month of Ramadan
World - Region
7/10/2013 5:04:27 PM
Qatar is losing its regional sway to Saudi Arabia, especially after collapse of Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and election of Saudi-backed leader to ranks of the Syrian opposition
World - Region
7/8/2013 5:03:58 PM
Russia's statement comes after newly elected Syrian opposition leader says group will not go to peace conference brokered by Russia and United States
World - Region
7/8/2013 10:46:57 AM
Ahmad Jarba, The new head of the opposition Syrian National Coalition says he expects advanced weapons supplied by Saudi Arabia to reach rebel fighters soon
World - Region
7/6/2013 7:28:44 PM
Syria's National Coalition Council elects Ahmad Jarba as president, cementing Saudi Arabia's influence over chronically-divided opposition movement
World - Region
7/6/2013 12:43:33 PM
Tight race between 2 candidates for Syria National Coalition presidency; runoff elections slated for Sunday
World - Region
6/10/2013 10:11:51 AM
As Hezbollah-backed Al-Assad troops are poised for an attack on Aleppo and Homs after achieving a victory in Qusair battle, the Obama administration is rethinking arming opposition fighters
World - Region
6/9/2013 12:25:13 AM
Syrian opposition rule out any possibility of participating in proposed international peace talks with Bashar Al-Assad regime
World - Region
5/30/2013 10:29:39 AM
Russian foreign minister criticizes the Syrian opposition for disrupting plans for a peace conference by putting forward unrealistic demands
World - Region
5/29/2013 8:59:08 PM
Deadline must be set for Bashar al-Assad's departure before joining peace conference in Geneva, says Syrian opposition
World - Region
5/28/2013 6:07:37 PM
Diplomatic efforts intensify in attempt to solve crisis among Syria's opposition which threatens to derail planned peace conference
World - International
5/27/2013 11:53:57 PM
British foreign secretary: EU has agreed to lift its arms embargo on Syrian opposition
World - Region
5/24/2013 12:01:06 PM
We would like to hear that statement from the Assad government, Syrian opposition says
World - Region
5/22/2013 8:24:13 PM
Members of Friends of Syria, a coalition of states supporting the Syrian opposition, urge incumbent Bashar al-Assad to leave
World - Region
5/20/2013 3:38:12 PM
Various Syrian opposition figures meet at invitation of Spanish government
World - Region
5/13/2013 5:59:18 PM
Syrian opposition yet to decide whether or not it will take part in US-Russia-proposed peace conference on 23 May
World - Region
5/13/2013 9:24:23 AM
Syria's National Coalition opposition group will meet on 23 May in Istanbul to discuss the Kerry-Lavrov peace proposal to end the conflict in the war-torn country
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