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World - Region
6/21/2021 12:04:51 PM
The agricultural blow and lack of funds to finance the imports will add to pressure on a Syrian economy already reeling from the war and buckling under the pressure of US sanctions, and the COVID-19 pandemic

World - Region
3/16/2021 10:46:24 AM
President Bashar al-Assad faces a challenge that may be just as daunting - rebuilding a country from the rubble when economic headwinds are gaining strength

Business - Economy
9/18/2013 3:14:04 PM
The Syrian central bureau of statistics website showed that inflation had risen by 68% in May

Business - Economy
5/2/2012 2:04:37 PM
Sustained unrest and EU sanctions are taking a hefty toll on the Syrian economy, says regional head

Business - Economy
7/15/2011 4:40:49 PM
A Tehran think-tank report says that Supreme Leader Khamenei is backing the idea of rescuing the distressed Syrian economy, battered by months of protests

Business - Region
11/24/2010 1:55:00 PM
Up to 7 percent growth for Syrian economy is expected in 2011, indicating commitment to reform