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Business -
9/3/2016 9:28:28 AM

Arts & Culture - Film
7/27/2016 3:46:51 PM
Born in 1942, Khan went on to become one of Egypt's most renowned and respected directors tackling important social and political issues

Sports - World
2/27/2016 4:01:15 PM

Arts & Culture - Film
2/9/2016 4:24:19 PM
Several documentaries tackling the Syria crisis will screen during the Documentary Film Festival in Oslo

Arts & Culture - Visual Art
1/22/2016 2:54:24 PM
Marwa Adel uses photography and graphic design to tackle controversial issues in contemporary Egyptian society

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
10/19/2015 2:23:59 PM
El-Wad Ghorab Wa Al-Qamar brings to the stage social issues of Al-Saeed communities in the south of Egypt

World - International
6/4/2015 11:59:50 AM

Arts & Culture - Entertainment
5/27/2015 12:55:45 PM
With its premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, Much Loved, a drama by director Nabil Ayouch, tackling prostitution, is banned in its home country Morocco

Egypt - Politics
5/6/2015 11:28:00 AM
Representatives from 21 countries met in Cairo on Tuesday to discuss tackling the Islamic State militant group's extremist ideas

Sports - World
12/8/2014 6:06:38 PM
Spain's professional league (LFP) has moved to show it is serious about tackling violence and abuse by vowing to report Real Madrid fans who sang insulting chants about Barcelona forward Lionel Messi and the Catalan club

World - Region
11/17/2014 10:29:15 AM

Sports - World Cup 2014
7/8/2014 4:59:25 PM
Germany coach Joachim Loew is worried about Brazil's ''brutal'' tackling in recent games, and appealed to the referee of their World Cup semifinal to be on the lookout for such tactics

Sports - World Cup 2014
7/2/2014 9:15:36 PM
France's sometimes robust tackling at the World Cup was rated by defender Mamadou Sakho on Wednesday as perhaps "aggressive but not nasty"

Opinion -
6/4/2014 1:38:49 PM
Egypt new investment law aims to boost investment. But without tackling the root causes that impeded it, the law will not meet its objectives

Arts & Culture - Film
5/1/2014 1:49:35 PM
On 25, 26 April, the American University in Cairo hosted a stimulating series of panel discussions tackling issues of film education, the film industry and criticism as part of its 'Post-2011 Cinema in Egypt' conference

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
3/27/2014 1:37:39 PM
Al-Azhar Park will host Lost and Found between 3-5 April, tackling children's relationships with their surroundings in a circus performance by Al-Darb Al-Ahmar Arts School

Arts & Culture - Film
2/2/2014 7:49:06 PM
Crop, an Egyptian documentary tackling censorship in journalism throughout different eras of Egyptian history, will be screened in the Bibliotheca Alexandrina's Art Centre on Monday, 10 February

Arts & Culture - Film
1/26/2014 4:35:25 PM
Crop, a documentary tackling the role of censorship and the manipulation of images in political journalism, will be screened at Doum Cultural Foundation on Tuesday 28 January

Egypt - Constitution 2014
1/19/2014 11:36:13 PM
With Egypt's newly amended constitution gaining near unanimous popular approval, attention shifts to political laws as legislative and presidential elections approach

Business - Economy
12/4/2013 8:10:43 PM
Egypt scores 32 in corruption scale, demonstrating lack of seriousness in tackling corruption, says Transparency International

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