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Egypt - Politics
9/10/2013 10:54:31 PM
Supporters of deposed Islamist president stage marches in downtown's Talaat Harb Square, other areas of Cairo and several governorates, as protests continue into their tenth week

Egypt - Politics
3/17/2013 3:10:09 PM
The fire damaged three floors in the downtown Cairo building before it died out

Multimedia -
12/16/2012 9:23:41 PM
Several cultural coalitions along with independent artists and thinkers march from Downtown Cairo to Tahrir square for freedom of expression and against the constitution's referrendum

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
12/16/2012 12:00:00 AM
Several cultural coalitions, along with independent artists and thinkers march to Tahrir Square for freedom of expression and against the referendum on the constitution

Egypt - Politics
11/12/2012 8:35:23 PM
Egyptian protesters gather in Cairo to protest the killing of Palestinians over the past three days by the Israeli army

Egypt - Politics
9/24/2012 10:48:54 AM
Protesters demand end to campaign by authorities against unlicensed street vendors and kiosks at Sunday demo

Egypt - Politics
9/22/2012 7:13:24 PM
Revolution demands are still unmet, IMF loan unacceptable say revolutionary groups in downtown protest on Saturday evening

Egypt - Politics
9/7/2012 1:39:00 PM
Revolutionary groups call for protests to demand release of military officers jailed for joining anti-SCAF demo, say they reject statements claiming SCAF played no role in killing of protesters after ousting of Hosni Mubarak

Egypt - Politics
8/24/2012 3:41:26 PM
Brotherhood supporters attack anti-Morsi protesters in Talaat Harb Street in downtown Cairo

Arts & Culture - Film
2/21/2012 6:04:41 PM
A lecture on the work of Egyptian film-maker Atef El-Tayeb and its relationship with the revolution will take place on Thursday, followed by a screening of one of his most important films

Books -
1/11/2012 1:06:33 PM
An event commemorating Yahya Haqqi will bring together writers, critics and young voices and feature a screening of Om Hashem's Lantern

Books - Review
12/21/2011 7:22:01 PM
Egyptian Days continues excavating the history of downtown with an issue about the streets surrounding Tahrir, where battles continue to take place

Egypt - Politics
10/31/2011 12:42:18 PM
Supporters will march from Talaat Harb Square to the Appeals Prison to demand the release of the prominent activist and blogger

Arts & Culture - Music
9/20/2011 1:26:39 PM
The Cultural Development Fund to mark 88 years since the death of a man that rejuvenated Arabic music

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
3/30/2011 2:15:00 PM
The incredible Al Sameteen group will be honoured at the Talaat Harb Cultural Centre. The event will conclude with one of their amazing performances

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