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Opinion -
7/4/2013 11:28:58 AM
The revolution aimed to change the rules of the game, not just its players. When it was clear that Mohamed Morsi was picking up the mantle of Mubarak, he had to go

Egypt - Politics
7/3/2013 11:44:42 PM
In response to millions of Egyptians taking to streets, army and number of political and religious leaders propose roadmap aimed at ending year of unrest

World - Region
7/3/2013 8:04:30 PM
Tunisian youth follow in the footsteps of their Egyptian counterparts as they launch a parallel Tamarod campaign to offset Islamist influence in their country

Egypt - Politics
7/3/2013 1:57:46 PM
In a statement rejecting as "tittle tattle" talk of a military coup, the Tamarod campaign and National Salvation Front call on the army to protect the people against threats and terror

Egypt - Politics
7/2/2013 5:40:09 PM
Opposition coalitions, Islamist alliances and Egypt's armed forces – among others – all offer 'roadmaps' aimed at ending country's precarious political standoff

Egypt - Politics
7/2/2013 3:31:23 PM
As politicians negotiate under army's 48 hour ultimatum, Islamists gain in number on streets and opposition pours into Tahrir and Palace

Egypt - Politics
7/2/2013 12:49:00 PM
Pope Tawadros II expresses his support for Egyptians 'taking back their stolen revolution' in a peaceful manner

Egypt - Politics
7/2/2013 12:16:56 PM
Opposition campaign rejects calls for referendum on whether president should complete term, says Morsi to blame if protesters are attacked

Books -
6/30/2013 8:10:44 PM
Renowned Egyptian novelist Ibrahim Abdel-Meguid says the 30 June protests are about correcting the path of a people's revolution gone awry, and that the youth should now lead

Opinion -
6/30/2013 3:20:56 PM
Today’s protesters are those who failed to find a place in the middle class world created by President Morsi and reflected in his exclusionary speech filled with threats and bribes

Egypt - Politics
6/30/2013 12:57:08 PM
On a day that organisers have called a 'make or break' moment for President Morsi, millions protest across the country calling for the ouster of the beleaguered leader

Egypt - Politics
6/30/2013 2:54:25 AM
With the Islamist group's headquarters under attack and 'millions' demanding the resignation of their president, FJP leading member dismisses opposition parties as 'paper work' and tells grassroots campaign Rebel to 'man up'

Arts & Culture - Music
6/29/2013 10:09:28 PM
Egyptian singers band together to produce 'Motamaredeen' ('Rebels'), a song supporting the anti-Morsi campaign

Egypt - Morsi, one year on
6/29/2013 7:01:28 PM
To mark one year since Morsi's inauguration, Ahram Online chooses his choicest quotes from 12 action-packed months

Egypt - Politics
6/29/2013 6:41:34 PM
On the eve of 30 June protests, NSF coordinator Mounir Fakheri Abdel-Nour says anti-Morsi demonstrations aim for reform, not the exclusion of the Muslim Brotherhood from political life

Egypt - Politics
6/29/2013 6:41:10 PM
Egypt's opposition 'Rebel' campaign stages sit-in at President Mohamed Morsi's private residence in Sharqiya governorate

Egypt - Politics
6/29/2013 4:48:16 PM
Ahead of mass anti-Morsi protests on Sunday, 'Rebel' campaign says Saturday it has collected over 22 million signatures supporting its call for President Mohamed Morsi to step down

Egypt - Politics
6/29/2013 2:41:59 PM
Founder of Egypt's Tamarod 'Rebel' anti-Morsi signature drive says campaign surpassed target signatures, ahead of largely anticipated anti-government rallies on Sunday

Multimedia -
6/28/2013 8:27:27 PM
The rebel group Tamarod organize an anti-Morsi protest on June 27th, as part of a rally of protests in preparation and support for 30th of June

Egypt - Politics
6/28/2013 12:11:45 PM
Hundreds of protesters have begun arriving in Nasr City to begin a mass rally supporting President Morsi, as opponents begin nationwide marches calling for his ouster on Sunday

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