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Business - Economy
4/23/2012 5:27:23 PM
Local investors take heart from France Telecom's acquisition of Mobinil but foreigners show more caution in the wake of Israeli gas export cancellation

Business - Economy
4/20/2012 11:39:10 AM
Egyptian chief of firm, convicted by a local court last month of violating currency rules, is taking a leave of absence, says representative

Business - Economy
4/13/2012 1:17:10 PM
Telecoms giant files a formal request for arbitration against the Algerian government after being hit by a $1.3 billion fine

Business - Economy
4/12/2012 5:25:09 PM
Promise of an imminent Mobinil takeover prompts a surge in telecoms stocks and spurs trade in the broader market

Business - Economy
4/11/2012 7:27:26 PM
Optimism over impending Mobinil/FT deal fires market; EGX30 jumps 2.05 pct after hitting two-month low Tuesday

Business - Economy
4/10/2012 7:12:50 PM
Main index takes further losses as investors eye the prospects of a new mobile operator and further political uncertainty

Business - Economy
4/9/2012 3:08:14 PM
Negotiations over Djezzy are still being conducted despite bad blood following a recent legal ruling, say sources

Business - Economy
4/1/2012 7:29:04 PM
Exchange starts the week in the red as investors rein in their spending, the presidential race heats up and news on long-delayed telecoms takeovers proves elusive

Business - Economy
3/14/2012 7:04:56 PM
Main index sees its first gains in three sessions as investors regain confidence, targetting real estate and telecoms stocks

Business - Economy
3/13/2012 12:13:42 PM
Problems in the company's Algerian operations and foreign exchange losses causes firm to miss profit forecasts, figures show

Business - Economy
3/11/2012 6:17:31 PM
Delay in the sale of the high cap telecoms firm and unfavourable company results take their toll on Egyptian shares

Business - Economy
3/4/2012 3:39:20 PM
EGX30 sheds 1 pct in Sunday trading as 132 listed stocks trade into red despite solid performance by telecoms sector

Business - Economy
2/16/2012 5:54:12 PM
Mobinil's takeover and subsequent rumours provide fuel for another wave of profit-taking on the last trading day of the week

Business - Economy
2/12/2012 2:38:39 PM
Two firms will issue a joint statement on the mobile operator's future early on Monday, says Egyptian telecoms giant

Business - Economy
2/9/2012 6:26:39 PM
Main index see another day of gains as investors shrug off worries of further protests and snap up strategic high-cap shares

Business - Economy
2/9/2012 12:11:46 PM
Speculation over change in Mobinil ownership follows the sale of the firm's Egyptian parent company to a Russian telecoms giant last year

Sports - World
2/7/2012 5:27:45 PM
Bulgaria’s second largest mobile operator Globul, controlled by Greek telecoms firm OTE, has signed a three-year sponsorship agreement with English soccer club Manchester United, Globul said on Tuesday

Business - Economy
2/2/2012 2:03:04 PM
Telecoms giant looks to offload assets while sharing other infrastructure with competitors, in what it calls a 'good business opportunity'

Business - Economy
1/26/2012 10:58:16 AM
Sudan has raised sales and services taxes for telecoms firms to 30 per cent from 20 per cent and a profit tax to 30 per cent from 15 per cent

Business - Economy
1/22/2012 7:12:13 PM
Orascom Telecom's return to the market spurs a Sunday appetite for high-cap stocks, as investors ignore imminent protests and push turnover to a recent high

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