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World - Africa
10/26/2023 7:20:42 PM
Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed insisted Thursday that Ethiopia would not invade another country or pursue its interests "through war" after previous remarks he made about seeking access to the Red Sea aroused regional concerns.

Business - Energy
10/25/2023 10:05:30 PM
Natural gas prices experienced a significant surge to an eight-month high due to geopolitical tensions and uncertainty stemming from the Israeli war on Gaza, which started on 7 October, according to a report by Kuwait’s KAMCO Investment Company.

War on Gaza - War on Gaza
10/24/2023 9:40:22 PM
Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati reaffirmed Beirut's commitment to a UN resolution that ended a 2006 conflict between Israel and Hezbollah, during a surprise trip to southern Lebanon on Tuesday.

War on Gaza - War on Gaza
10/24/2023 7:46:43 PM
Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Tuesday warned Iran that the United States would respond "decisively" to any attack by its proxies, as tensions rise in the Gaza war.

World - International
10/24/2023 12:12:11 PM
China's top diplomat will pay a rare visit to Washington this week, the United States announced Monday, paving the way for a potential visit by President Xi Jinping aimed at keeping tensions in check.

War on Gaza - War on Gaza
10/24/2023 11:32:00 AM
Forty years after the attack against U.S. troops in the Middle East, some warn that Washington could be sliding toward a new conflict in the region.

War on Gaza - War on Gaza
10/23/2023 5:31:32 PM
More than 19,000 people have been displaced in Lebanon amid an uptick in tensions between Israel and Hezbollah at the country's southern border, figures released Monday by a United Nations agency showed.

Business - Economy
10/21/2023 1:49:53 PM
The US Federal Reserve warned Friday that the war in Gaza and the ongoing Ukraine conflict could cause harm to the world economy and boost global inflation.

World - Region
10/19/2023 11:30:07 PM
Coalition forces were slightly injured in Iraq in a spate of drone attacks over the last 24 hours at U.S. bases in Iraq as regional tensions flare following the deadly explosion at a hospital in Gaza.

War on Gaza - War on Gaza
10/19/2023 10:16:13 PM
The U.S. Department of State issued a worldwide caution alert advising U.S. citizens overseas to exercise increased caution due to mounting tensions around the world, warning of potential terrorist attacks, demonstrations and violent actions against Americans.

Business - Markets & Companies
10/19/2023 3:52:14 PM
The Egyptian Exchange (EGX) indices ended Thursday with mixed performance and the market cap lost EGP 31 billion after taking unprecedented leaps mid-week. Gold prices are still rising, as the safe haven benefits from the rising geopolitical tensions.

Sports - Egyptian Football
10/16/2023 11:08:37 PM
The more the tension and harsh outcome of the Israeli war on Gaza increase, the more Egyptian football players show their support for the Palestinian people during their current crisis.

World - War in Sudan
10/16/2023 7:03:19 PM
Six months after tensions between rival Sudanese generals ignited a devastating war, thousands lie dead, millions are displaced, and the once-thriving capital, Khartoum, is a shadow of its past glory.

War on Gaza - War on Gaza
10/16/2023 5:49:32 PM
European Union leaders will hold an emergency summit on Tuesday as concerns grow that the war between Israel and Hamas could fuel inter-communal tensions in Europe and bring more refugees in search of sanctuary.

Business - Markets & Companies
10/12/2023 3:10:48 PM
The Egyptian Exchange (EGX) moved on Thursday towards full recovery from the impact of geopolitical tensions, as the benchmark returned to break the 20,000-point threshold near its historic highs. The market ended Thursday with mixed performance. Gold prices continue their rising trajectory.

Egypt - Foreign Affairs
10/12/2023 2:31:20 PM
Egyptian President Abel-Fattah El-Sisi and the UK’s Prime Minister Rishi Sunak underscored in a phone call the importance of intensifying efforts aimed at reducing tension, and protecting civilians amid the Israeli war on Gaza, according to a statement by the presidential spokesman on Thursday.

Business - Markets & Companies
10/10/2023 3:50:27 PM
The Egyptian Exchange (EGX) indices continue to recover from the blow at the beginning of the week as geopolitical tensions mount. Gold prices surged for the second day in a row and the gold coin reached EGP 18,000 for the first time in weeks.

Business - Economy
10/9/2023 10:04:48 AM
Oil prices rallied while the dollar and yen advanced Monday as Israeli forces bombarded Gaza after Hamas launched a shock attack on Israel at the weekend, sparking fresh concerns about tensions in the Middle East.

World - Region
10/7/2023 6:57:34 PM
The United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) announced on Saturday its commitment to strengthening its presence in southern Lebanon, particularly near the border with Israel. The organization stated that it was actively engaged in "counter rocket-launching operations" to bolster border security.

World - International
10/6/2023 5:49:17 PM
Germany's foreign minister on Friday expressed the European Union’s deep concerns following the recent shootout between masked Serb gunmen and Kosovo police that left four people dead and sent tensions soaring in the region.

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