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Egypt - Politics
7/26/2015 11:30:27 AM
In October, the curfew was 11 hours overnight. However, it was later reduced to eight hours

Egypt - Politics
7/14/2015 8:52:48 PM
The curfew will be reduced by one hour only for Eid Al-Fitr prayer

Egypt - Politics
4/25/2015 6:58:31 PM
The curfew was first applied on 25 October 2014 for just three months, but has been renewed twice

Egypt - Politics
1/25/2015 2:19:08 PM
The curfew was initially imposed on 25 October, one day after 31 army personnel were killed in a car bomb attack in the region

Egypt - Politics
11/13/2013 8:50:00 PM
Contradicting an earlier announcement by his cabinet, Prime Minister Hazem El-Beblawi says in a TV interview that the curfew is no longer in effect

Egypt - Politics
10/24/2013 3:34:27 PM
Legal expert Rafaat Fouda says the curfew currently in place in Egypt depends on the declared state of emergency, due to expire in the middle of next month

Egypt - Politics
8/28/2013 5:36:29 PM
MENA news agency says a US citizen will face a charge of breaching the curfew following his arrest in North Sinai

Business - Economy
8/25/2013 3:27:55 PM
Following relaxation of the curfew, banks return to normal working hours, Cairo Metro extends operational hours

Egypt -
8/18/2013 10:35:21 PM
Interior ministry urges Egyptians not to take to the streets to protect their neighbourhoods and instead to observe the curfew

Egypt - Politics
6/6/2011 5:03:52 PM
To 'return to normal life' Egypt’s ruling military will end the curfew 15 June that was initially imposed at the height of the revolution

Arts & Culture - Music
3/31/2011 11:02:49 AM
Following the shortening of the curfew hours, starting on Friday 1 April all evening events planned at Cairo Opera House, Alexandria Opera House and Damanhour Opera will begin at 8 pm