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World - International
10/13/2013 4:24:14 PM
Amnesty International says African Union's request to defer Kenya president's trial in the Hague 'sends the wrong message'

World - International
10/12/2013 2:07:57 PM
Opposing trial of Kenya's president at The Hague, the African Union's Executive Council says such cases should be dealt with through an AU-backed court

World - Region
10/11/2013 1:50:38 PM
The ICC stressed that the Senussi decision had no bearing on the case against Gaddafi's son Seif al-Islam, who is still wanted in The Hague

World - Region
10/11/2013 11:28:20 AM
The Hague-based OPCW wins the Novel Peace Prize after being honoured 'for its extensive efforts to eliminate chemical weapons'

World - Region
10/10/2013 4:52:29 PM
Last week experts began supervising the destruction, by Syrian authorities, of missile warheads, aerial bombs and chemical mixing equipment

World - International
10/9/2013 8:19:24 PM
Kenya's foreign minister denied that it is prodding African nations to walk out of the ICC; Kenya's president and his deputy are to be tried with the court

World - International
10/4/2013 1:06:19 PM
The government should make clear that it won't tolerate intimidation and violence against those who speak their minds, Human Rights Watch says

World - Region
10/3/2013 10:27:38 AM
The OPCW mission is currently focusing its efforts on verifying information provided by the government on its chemical arsenal

World - International
10/2/2013 2:50:10 PM
Kenyan ex-journalist Walter Barasa denies witness intimidation allegations

World - Region
10/2/2013 9:04:14 AM
The disarmament team includes 19 OPCW inspectors and 14 UN staffers, being the first in the organisation's history to take place in a country wracked by civil war

Arts & Culture - Music
9/29/2013 7:34:40 PM
The Palestinian singer says he is looking forward to his first concert outside the Middle East and north Africa

World - Region
9/27/2013 6:27:19 PM
OPCW chemical weapons deal biggest diplomatic achievement in Syria after more than two years of bitter civil war

World - International
9/23/2013 7:46:02 PM
Kenyan Vice President William Ruto is in the Hague on charges of masterminding some of the 2007-08 post-election violence in Kenya that left over 1,000 people dead and several hundred thousand displaced

World - International
9/22/2013 2:48:15 PM
Ruto is currently in The Hague where he is defending himself against charges of masterminding some of the 2007-08 post-election violence that left over 1,000 people dead and several hundred thousand displaced

World - International
9/20/2013 11:24:28 AM
The African Union now wants the trials of Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta and Vice President William Ruto shifted to Kenya

World - Region
9/19/2013 6:13:12 PM
The OPCW is charged with implementing the Chemical Weapons Convention, which Syria asked to join amid growing calls for military action against Damascus

World - International
9/9/2013 6:03:08 PM
Kenyan VP's defense accused of witness intimidation in order to influence outcome of ICC trial

World - International
9/5/2013 5:59:51 PM
Kenya is the first country to hold a vote to leave the International Criminal Court

World - Region
8/28/2013 12:31:39 PM
The comments of the UN chief came amid bids by the US and its allied to build their case for military action against the Syrian regime

World - Region
8/27/2013 10:48:09 AM
As the international community is on verge on considering military action in Syria, Moscow and Washington cancel meeting in The Hague to discuss organizing a crisis-resolving Geneva peace conference

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