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Al-Ahram Weekly - Culture
3/9/2020 12:29:00 PM
In 'The Evolution of Opera Theatre in the Middle East and North Africa' by Paolo Petrocelli, the author looks at the presence of the opera houses in the region, while creating a rich historical background

World - International
8/1/2015 7:07:53 PM

World - Region
7/27/2015 10:26:43 AM

Egypt - Politics
6/22/2015 8:17:19 PM
Sedki Sobhi is expected to meet with senior French officials to discuss the latest developments in the Middle East and means of military cooperation between the two countries

Egypt - Politics
5/19/2015 11:11:41 AM
Libya is a destination for many people from Africa and the Middle East attempting to travel to Europe in search of a better life

Egypt - Politics
5/14/2015 5:26:12 PM
‎'There is no state system in the Middle East without Egypt', influential analysts proclaim ‎in recent report

Egypt - Politics
5/11/2015 9:57:57 PM
It's the first time someone from the Middle East is to host the awards ceremony

Egypt - Politics
5/6/2015 2:24:24 PM
The smuggling of antiquities out of Egypt is common, while the IS militant group have destroyed countless artefacts throughout the Middle East region

Egypt - Politics
4/19/2015 8:30:28 PM
In the meeting, recent developments in the Middle East and the war on terrorism were discussed

Egypt - Politics
3/2/2015 11:48:53 AM
The statement comes in reaction to news that Egypt has postponed parliamentary elections, as Supreme Court ruled parts of election laws unconstitutional

Egypt - Politics
1/15/2015 11:43:54 AM
President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi will meet Thursday with British Minister for the Middle East and North Africa Tobias Ellwood and a British trade mission visiting Egypt

Business - Economy
1/14/2015 8:04:15 PM
Britain's minister for the Middle East and North Africa says the UK supports Egypt's efforts to attract investment; calls for respect for human rights and the rule of law

World - Region
1/8/2015 6:27:16 PM
The wintry weather, which swooped across much of the Middle East on Tuesday, killed three Syrians in Lebanon and two in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo on Wednesday, AP reported.

Business - Economy
9/29/2014 4:37:13 PM
Armed conflicts in the Middle East have resulted in a considerable increase in the number of undernourished people in the region

Heritage - Ancient Egypt
9/24/2014 12:31:41 PM
Ancient Egyptian statue of Sekhemka still in the UK after being sold by Northampton Museum to an unknown buyer – possibly from the Middle East – for £15.76 million

Arts & Culture - Visual Art
9/21/2014 4:08:24 PM
Next to Here exhibition showcasing works by 18 photographers from the Middle East and North Africa is set to open at Cairo's CIC on Sunday 28 September

Business - Economy
9/18/2014 2:39:29 PM
The new factory will be the largest liquid naphtha cracker in the Middle East, requiring investment of $7 billion

World - Region
9/9/2014 10:14:40 PM

Egypt - Politics
8/18/2014 6:12:24 PM
The Financial Times claims that a British report had found that the Brotherhood should not be labelled a terrorist organisation, but delayed findings fearing backlash from allies in the Middle East

Business - Economy
8/8/2014 3:57:53 PM
A World Bank report warns of the impact of overoptimistic forecasting in the Middle East and North Africa

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