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Egypt - Politics
10/2/2013 2:41:25 PM
Salah Abdel-Maqsoud is accused of involvement in theft of two TV broadcast vehicles at pro-Morsi Rabaa Al-Adawiya sit-in

Heritage - Ancient Egypt
9/12/2013 11:05:51 AM
Prosecutor-general investigates theft of hundreds of objects from galleries in Mit Rahina – known in Ancient Egypt as Memphis

Arts & Culture - Visual Art
8/12/2013 11:18:59 AM
The trial of six Romanians accused of pulling off the art 'theft of the century' after stealing artwork worth up to 100 million euros from the Kunsthal museum starts Tuesday in Bucharest

Arts & Culture - Visual Art
8/12/2013 10:37:24 AM
The past decade has witnessed a number of major art thefts, with masterpieces by the likes of Picasso, Monet, Van Gogh and many others snatched from museums and galleries from Paris to Zurich to Cairo

Heritage - Ancient Egypt
8/9/2013 1:43:54 PM
With 1 stolen artefact identified and saved from a Christie's auction, officials continue to investigate 5 more in the largest-known theft since the January 2011 revolution

World - International
7/29/2013 5:42:32 PM

World - International
7/18/2013 11:04:04 AM
Convicted of stealing from a state timber company, anti-corruption campaigner Alexei Navalny sees his chances of running in upcoming election against Putin diminishing

Business - Economy
7/10/2013 6:25:34 PM

Multimedia -
2/18/2013 12:00:00 AM
After spending one year in jail for incompetence when Van Gogh's Poppy Flowers was stolen from Egyptian museum, former deputy minister of culture Mohsen Shaalan reveals his experience through his painting exhibition

Business - Economy
1/15/2013 2:46:07 PM
Lack of alternatives for smugglers and official complicity drives oil theft in Nigeria

World - Region
11/21/2012 6:13:17 PM
Nigerian man's hands cut off for theft in Saudi Arabia, interior ministry reports

Egypt - Politics
10/29/2012 10:37:47 PM
In Egypt's Fayoum governorate, small-scale farmers demand urgent action after years of drought they attribute to ongoing water theft by unscrupulous businessmen (VIDEO)

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
10/16/2012 6:25:56 PM
Several paintings by major artists including Picasso, Matisse, Monet and Gauguin were stolen during a night-time break-in

Egypt - The Balance Sheet
10/8/2012 10:22:31 AM
A bewildering range of factors, from inefficient private contracts to management squabbles and petty theft are hampering any quick-fire attempt to clear the country's streets

Egypt - Politics
10/1/2012 6:23:08 PM
Media figure and Morsi-critic Tawfiq Okasha is released by police after being questioned about charges of theft and bounced cheques

World - International
8/20/2012 3:49:51 PM
Former Polly Peck tycoon Asil Nadir is found guilty of three counts of theft by a British court

Business - Economy
7/28/2012 5:11:06 PM
Spike in power cuts and electricity shortages are caused by protests at power plants, theft and fuel shortages, says electricity ministry spokesperson

Egypt - Politics
7/17/2012 10:13:21 PM
Local residents of Old Cairo's Fustat – Islamic Egypt’s first capital – say they live in fear of local mafia that is stealing state land and destroying ancient monuments

Heritage - Islamic
7/4/2012 7:12:03 PM
Minister of State for Antiquities fetes local man who thwarted theft at Darb Al-Ahmar's historic Inal Al-Yussufi Mosque

Books - World
7/4/2012 3:35:31 PM
The Codex Calixtinus, a 12th century collection of sermons and liturgical passages, vanished from a safe deposit box in the cathedral

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