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World - Region
4/1/2011 2:25:05 PM
Opposition signals willingness to lay down arms if Gaddafi forces cease attacks on rebel-held cities

World - Region
3/29/2011 2:16:56 PM
US secretary of state meets with Libyan opposition leader amidst plans to send a special envoy to Eastern Benghazi for face-to-face communications, just shy of recognition of Libya's Transitional National Council

World - Region
3/28/2011 3:05:22 PM
A munitions factory explodes in southern Yemen resulting in reported deaths as the opposition and the government move closer to agreeing on a transition deal

Egypt - Politics
3/26/2011 3:48:08 PM
Egyptian intellectuals form a committee whose aim is to gain recognition for the Libyan Transitional National Council

World - Region
3/25/2011 1:37:00 PM
Saleh reiterates his statements that he does not want power, stresses importance of 'safe' transition

World - International
3/22/2011 2:27:38 PM
First phase of transition of power to Afghan security forces to begin July with seven areas to guage ability of Afghan soldiers

Egypt - Politics
3/22/2011 1:37:10 PM
Military Council to announce in two days a timeframe for parliamentary and presidential elections in Egypt

Egypt - Politics
3/20/2011 5:06:59 PM
Initial results show Egyptians voting "yes" to a referendum on constitutional amendments, but only to find themselves facing a new dilemma about the transitional period leading up to elections

Egypt - Politics
3/20/2011 1:02:19 PM
In his first visit to Egypt following the January 25 Revolution, the UN Secretary-General will discuss the transitional period and beyond

World - Region
3/17/2011 2:20:24 PM
US Secretary of State pledges support for economic and political change

Business - Economy
3/16/2011 2:52:08 PM
Moody's cites concerns over transition to effective government

World - Region
3/14/2011 5:41:10 PM
If acknowledged by Arab states, the new Libyan National Transition Council could represent Libya during the May 2011 Arab League Summit in Baghdad

World - Region
3/14/2011 2:02:46 PM
Tunisian efforts to transform the political landscape continue amid fears that the country may still be robbed of its reward

World - International
3/10/2011 3:23:07 PM
NATO to discuss the first phase of the transition on Friday while President Karzai remains vague on the details

World - Region
3/10/2011 1:24:43 PM
Sarkozy's government steps up its support of Libya's national transition council with temporary diplomatic mission in Benghazi while working on UN resoluton for a no-fly zone

Opinion -
3/7/2011 2:14:03 PM
The military should not feel distress in yielding to the will of the people

World - International
3/7/2011 1:09:47 PM
U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates arrived in Afghanistan on Monday at a time of increased strain between Kabul and its Western backers and with important security transition milestones looming

Egypt - Politics
3/6/2011 3:43:13 PM
All eyes are on Prime Minister, Essam Sharaf's list of candidates given to the military council for approval of a new transitional government that would satisfy the demands of the people

World - Region
3/4/2011 4:07:55 PM
Ali Abdullah Saleh turns down opposition plan for him to step down in 2011

Egypt - Politics
3/3/2011 6:54:35 PM
Turkey's President Abdullah Gul said after meeting Egypt's military rulers on Thursday he was convinced the army was serious about piloting a democratic transition

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