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World - Region
5/8/2012 4:48:54 PM
Attack by former Libyan rebels on the headquarters of the transitional government kills at least 2 guards

World - Region
1/23/2012 3:12:20 PM
European Union calls for UN Security Council involvement in Syria while supporting Arab League plan to establish a national unity transitional government

World - Region
1/22/2012 5:47:53 PM
Libyan transitional council head suspends Benghazi delegates to appease protesters accusing them of corruption, deputy head resigns in response

Business - Economy
11/23/2011 4:47:51 PM
Chinese diplomat says representatives from the Libyan transitional government had stated that the Libyan side is ready to compensate Chinese companies for losses incurred

World - International
11/9/2011 2:21:56 PM
Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi calls for early elections opposing a transitional government, nominates his party secretary Angelino Alfano for PM post

World - Region
11/1/2011 10:04:03 AM
Libya's interim rulers elect a technocrat and businessman to head a transitional government as NATO end the air campaign in ousting dictator Muammar Gaddafi

World - Region
10/7/2011 11:38:50 AM
Street fighting and heavy bombardment continue for the second week in Sirte, as Libya's ex-leader calls for Libyans to demonstrate against their new transitional government

World - Region
9/13/2011 10:27:45 AM
UN officials and diplomats say the United Nations is pressing Libya's National Transitional Government(NTC)for assigning top posts for women in a male-dominated government

Business - Economy
9/12/2011 11:06:31 AM
Libya's oil production is expected to resume in "near future", with the National Transitional Council forming a new, more inclusive transitional government in the coming week or so

World - Region
9/5/2011 11:28:01 AM
Somalia's leaders open a national reconciliation conference in the war-shattered capital, seeking a better future after the failure of the UN-supported transitional government

World - Region
8/22/2011 3:56:07 PM

World - Region
8/22/2011 12:10:59 PM
In the midst of their euphoria, Libyan rebels are to immediately set about appointing a transitional government in the Libyan capital Tripoli to avoid a power vacuum

World - Region
5/18/2011 12:42:24 PM
Tunisia's transitional government wants elections for a constituent assembly to go ahead in July as planned but the final say rests with the organisers

World - Region
5/7/2011 2:42:14 PM
While it was understood last week that Salam Fayyad would be ruled out as a future prime minister in a unified Palestinian government, President Abbas is now pushing in that exact direction

Egypt - Politics
3/26/2011 3:48:08 PM
Egyptian intellectuals form a committee whose aim is to gain recognition for the Libyan Transitional National Council

Egypt - Politics
3/6/2011 3:43:13 PM
All eyes are on Prime Minister, Essam Sharaf's list of candidates given to the military council for approval of a new transitional government that would satisfy the demands of the people

World - Region
2/27/2011 11:07:39 AM
Former justice minister talks about forming a possible transitional government and the UN looks into possible war crimes by Gaddafi's regime as fears grow of a full-scale war

World - Region
1/20/2011 12:20:30 PM
Tunisia's transitional government in crisis

World - Region
1/18/2011 12:34:52 PM
Tunisian riot police clashed with protesters Tuesday, firing tear gas into a rally demonstrating against the new transitional government that includes many of figures of Ben Ali's former regime

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