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2/3/2024 1:51:41 PM
The governor of Turkey’s central bank has resigned only months after taking office amid allegations of improper use of power and family interference in the workings of the financial institutions.

World - Region
3/7/2023 3:54:59 PM
Saudi Arabia said Monday it deposited $5 billion into the Turkish central bank, likely helping Ankara firm up its long-weakening currency, the lira, after last month's massive earthquake that struck southeast Turkey and northern Syria.

World - Region
3/21/2021 10:03:00 PM
Concerns over central bank independence have exacerbated Turkey's boom-and-bust economy and record dollarisation

Opinion -
10/15/2020 4:29:05 PM
Turkey’s ailing economy could prove the final undoing of irredentist strongman Recep Tayyip Erdogan

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7/7/2019 3:40:56 PM

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9/13/2018 1:42:03 PM

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2/27/2015 4:22:52 PM

Business - Economy
9/1/2013 5:46:49 PM
Turkey does not intend to hike interest rates to prop up sliding lira, driven to record lows by concerns on US fed stimulus outlook and Syrian conflict

Business - Economy
7/8/2013 12:38:05 PM
To help its local currency to carry on against U.S dollar, Turkish Central Bank implement tough monetary condition