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Egypt - Courts & Law
6/25/2023 9:20:52 AM
British police said Saturday they had charged an Egyptian man accused of masterminding the smuggling of migrants across the Mediterranean Sea from North Africa to Europe, following an international investigation.

World - International
11/24/2022 12:06:39 PM
UK police on Thursday said their biggest-ever counter-fraud operation had disrupted an international criminal network targeting hundreds of thousands of victims in millions of spam phone calls.

World - War in Ukraine
10/10/2022 4:11:47 PM
Mass retaliatory Russian strikes across Ukraine on Monday killed at least 10 people and hurt dozens more, according to the national police service.

World - International
9/10/2022 7:41:53 PM
As Britain prepares to stage its first state funeral in nearly six decades, security officials are planning what is expected to be the "biggest policing and protective operation" in UK history.

War in Ukraine - Military
3/13/2022 6:49:19 PM
A senior Ukrainian police officer has accused Russian forces of launching phosphorus bomb attacks in the eastern region of Lugansk.

World - Region
10/17/2021 9:25:28 PM
The family of murdered British MP David Amess said on Sunday they were "completely broken" by his death, but that hatred had to be set aside as they made a plea for "togetherness".

World - International
8/30/2021 7:19:41 PM
'We'll be warning those protesting that this obstruction of roads is unreasonable and they must disperse. If they do not move, they may be arrested,' the Metropolitan Police said

Sports - World
6/23/2021 2:26:42 PM

Sports - World
4/15/2021 5:05:13 PM

World - International
1/12/2021 10:21:08 AM
'It is preposterous to me that anyone could be unaware of our duty to do all we can to stop the spread of the virus,' the capital's police chief Cressida Dick wrote in the Times newspaper

World - International
9/7/2020 9:37:51 AM
A man has been arrested in connection with the mass stabbings in Britain's second city Birmingham that left one person dead and two critically wounded

World - International
9/6/2020 9:12:18 AM

World - International
7/21/2020 10:23:12 PM

World - International
7/21/2020 8:38:12 PM

World - International
7/17/2020 10:02:53 PM

World - International
7/5/2020 10:33:09 PM

World - International
6/27/2020 2:36:37 PM

World - International
6/13/2020 1:02:53 PM

World - International
12/17/2019 8:05:38 PM

Sports - World
11/28/2019 7:27:15 PM
Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson said the outcome was a "huge disappointment" for the families of the victims

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