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11/11/2011 11:42:28 AM
Forces loyal to Yemeni President Abdullah Saleh shell the country's second largest city Taez, killing six people, as the escalation of violence coincides with the return of a UN envoy to Yemen

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11/10/2011 2:13:05 PM
US envoy Jamal Benomar returns to Yemen, hoping to persuade President Ali Abduallah Saleh to step down in accordance to the power transfer plan proposed earlier by the Gulf Cooperation Council

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10/20/2011 2:20:02 PM
Palestinian UN envoy says the Palestinians are enthusiastically awaiting the UN decision on their membership bid to plan 'other options' in case of failure

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9/5/2011 1:22:54 PM
The United Nations is ready to assist Libya's new authorities in their preparations for elections, UN envoy Ian Martin said

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8/4/2011 3:42:37 PM
German foreign minister calls for a special UN envoy in Syria 'to bring the clear message of the international community to Damascus'

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7/27/2011 12:37:31 PM
While the Libyan government insists Gaddafi stays, Britain and France soften their stance saying that a settlement may not stipulate that the embattled leader leaves Libya

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3/22/2011 5:48:35 PM
UN special envoy to Libya said that insurgents want a quick ceasefire and a lifting of the siege of cities by Gaddafi's forces

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3/20/2011 4:04:28 PM
Yemen's ambassador to the United Nations Abdullah Alsaidi has resigned, the latest high-ranking member of President Ali Abdullah Saleh's government to quit in protest against the killing of dozens of demonstrators

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12/10/2010 5:02:51 PM
The top UN envoy in Iraq is calling on the country's government to abolish the death penalty amid demands by Iraq's interior minister for the swift execution of terror suspects

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