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World - Region
2/22/2022 10:37:51 PM
A Ukrainian soldier died Tuesday and six suffered injuries in clashes with Moscow-backed rebels in the separatist east, the army said, as fears grow that Russia is preparing to invade.

World - International
2/22/2022 7:03:58 PM
President Vladimir Putin's announcement that Russia is recognizing two eastern Ukrainian breakaway regions and ordering troops to the area has left analysts guessing over whether the Kremlin is preparing an even deeper incursion.

World - International
2/21/2022 5:45:47 PM
US intelligence suggests any Russian invasion of Ukraine would employ a particularly brutal strategy to "crush" the civilian population, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said Monday.

World - International
2/20/2022 1:22:18 PM
Western allies can't keep offering an olive branch while Russia continues to dial up tensions along the Ukrainian border, European Council President Charles Michel said Sunday.

World - International
2/20/2022 11:32:20 AM
Hundreds of artillery shells exploded along the contact line between Ukrainian soldiers and Russia-backed separatists, and thousands of people evacuated eastern Ukraine, further increasing fears Sunday that the volatile region could spark a Russian invasion.

World - International
2/19/2022 8:18:22 PM
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, facing a sharp spike in violence in and around territory held by Russia-backed rebels and increasingly dire warnings that Russia plans to invade, on Saturday called for Russian President Vladimir Putin to meet him and seek resolution to the crisis.

World - International
2/19/2022 1:43:27 PM
Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky has not changed his plans to personally attend Saturday's Munich Security Conference, his office said, despite US warnings of a Russian invasion.

World - International
2/18/2022 6:59:49 PM
Spiking tensions in eastern Ukraine on Friday aggravated Western fears of a Russian invasion and a new war on the edge of Europe, with a humanitarian convoy hit by shelling and pro-Russian rebels ordering the evacuation of civilians from the conflict zone.

World - International
2/17/2022 9:17:19 PM
Amid fears of a Russian invasion of Ukraine, tensions have also soared in the country's east, where Ukrainian forces are locked in a long conflict with Russia-backed separatists.

World - International
2/17/2022 1:19:00 PM
Russia on Thursday announced more troop pullbacks from the Ukrainian border as Washington insisted that Moscow is still building up forces for a potential invasion of its pro-Western neighbour.

World - International
2/17/2022 10:44:41 AM
As Ukrainians waved flags in a show of defiance of a feared Russian invasion, the United States reported that Moscow had added as many as 7,000 troops to forces stationed along the tense border, a warning that contradicted Kremlin declarations that military units were being pulled back.

Business - Markets & Companies
2/16/2022 1:59:45 PM
The crisis between Ukraine and Russia, two of the world's biggest wheat and corn producers, has sent the commodities' prices on a wild ride -- with anything from a diplomatic statement to rumor of a maritime blockade roiling markets.

World - International
2/15/2022 9:26:08 PM
A series of cyberattacks on Tuesday knocked the websites of Ukrainian government offices and major banks offline, Ukrainian authorities said, attacks that came amid strong tensions between Russia and the West over Ukraine.

World - International
2/15/2022 11:50:34 AM
Diplomatic efforts to head off what U.S. officials have warned could be an imminent Russian attack on Ukraine entered a new round on Monday. Russia's top diplomat advised President Vladimir Putin to continue talks and Germany's chancellor met the Ukrainian president.

World - International
2/15/2022 11:23:16 AM
Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida will speak with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky later Tuesday, a government source said, as Tokyo expressed "grave concern" about the risk of a Russian invasion.

Sports - Omni sports
2/13/2022 1:46:27 PM
The Ukrainian Olympic team has followed the lead of skeleton racer Vladyslav Heraskevych in calling for peace.

World - International
2/12/2022 1:43:51 PM
Ukrainian captain Oleksandr Surkov looks askance at his patrol boat's machine guns and laments how futile they would be fending off an attack from Russian warships now steaming across the Black Sea.

World - International
2/12/2022 12:26:33 PM
Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Joe Biden are to hold a high-stakes telephone call on Saturday as tensions over a possibility imminent invasion of Ukraine escalated sharply and the U.S. announced plans to evacuate its embassy in the Ukrainian capital.

Al-Ahram Weekly - Opinion
2/11/2022 5:59:00 PM
The way the Ukrainian crisis is solved will have a lasting effect worldwide, with the resort to a military solution being disastrous for all concerned.

World - International
2/9/2022 11:16:06 PM
US President Joe Biden got a debriefing Wednesday from his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron about meetings this week with the leaders of Russia and Ukraine, the White House said.

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