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Presidential elections 2012 - Presidential elections news
5/12/2012 5:13:20 PM
Protesters claim that Amr Moussa's campaigners assaulted them as they were rallying outside a press conference, which the presidential hopeful's campaigners vehemently deny
Egypt - Politics
4/9/2012 11:03:52 AM
Ultras Ahlawy members, Ahly club's hardcore football fans, put on hold their sit-in after some of their demands were fulfilled
Egypt - Politics
4/4/2012 8:14:11 PM
Thousands of football fans and Egyptian activists marched throughout Egypt Wednesday, demanding vital reform of the Ministry of Interior and justice for the victims of the 1 February Port Said disaster
Sports - Egyptian Football
4/4/2012 2:24:26 AM
Ahly call on Egypt’s ruling military to intervene in the row with the interior ministry to avoid a possible ban from the Confederation of African Football (CAF)
Egypt - Politics
3/25/2012 8:42:01 PM
Demanding retribution for football fans murdered in 1 February Port Said stadium massacre, hundreds of Ultras members stage a sit-in Sunday in front of the People's Assembly
Sports - Egyptian Football
3/23/2012 10:56:15 PM
A 13-year-old boy dies as sanctions on Masry club for February’s football disaster spark anger, with clashes erupting in Port Said and Ahly’s hard-core fan group Ultras Ahlawy heightening threats of retaliation
Egypt - Politics
2/19/2012 7:46:48 PM
Turning from football fans to revolutionary masses in the Egyptian revolution, the Ahly's Ultras have seemingly become a time bomb ticking due to lack of justice for fallen comrades following the Port Said disaster
Egypt - Politics
2/15/2012 7:57:53 PM
Thousands of Ahly fans marched to public prosecutor's office in downtown Cairo on Wednesday to demand justice for victims of Port Said Stadium tragedy; mourners vow to continue struggle for lost comrades
Egypt - Politics
2/12/2012 8:20:26 PM
Football fan group calls for Wednesday march on state prosecutor's office to demand 'retribution' for victims of 1 February Port Said violence
Egypt - Politics
2/4/2012 12:35:00 PM
Political actors accuse the ruling military council of punishing Ultras Ahlawy for their revolutionary activities and instigating violence to justify imposition of emergency law
Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
2/2/2012 1:13:34 PM
Scheduled to be launched in two hours from now, El-Mesaha Arts Centre announces the cancelling of its grand opening, in mourning for those killed in yesterday's football disaster in Port Said
Egypt - Politics
2/2/2012 1:13:13 PM
Ahly's Ultras Ahlawy and Zamalek's Ultras White Knights put aside rivalry to condemn Egypt's security forces following night of violence in Port Said
Egypt - Politics
2/2/2012 3:29:27 AM
Field Marshal and de-facto president Mohamed Hussein Tantawi received 25 of those who had been injured during the melee that followed the Masry-Ahly league match
Sports - Egyptian Football
1/30/2012 5:30:16 PM
Zamalek's Ultras White Knights issue plea to Ultras Ahlawy for end to violence between the two groups
Egypt - 25 January: Revolution continues
1/16/2012 5:42:00 PM
A year after the revolution, Ahram Online looks at the Ultras — football fan groups in Egypt — and whether soon they might be motivated by more than mere hatred of the police
Sports - Egyptian Football
12/23/2011 7:44:01 PM
Ahly’s hardcore supporters mourn the death of a protester who belongs with them before the start of a league game against Maqassa on Friday
Sports - Egyptian Football
12/23/2011 7:42:59 PM
Ahly coach Manuel Jose pays tribute to one of Ultras Ahlawy members who was killed following an army clampdown on protesters in downtown Cairo
Sports - Egyptian Football
12/11/2011 6:03:39 PM
Tuesday match would have been played to an empty ground after Ahly fans' behaviour
Sports - Egyptian Football
12/6/2011 6:23:41 PM
Ahly fans blast Egyptian Football Association as controlled 'by remnants of Mubarak regime'; say they have the right to cheer for their team
Egypt - Politics
11/20/2011 11:02:02 AM
Protests sweep Cairo, Alexandria, Mansoura and Suez after police attack on demonstrators in Tahrir, reminiscent of Egypt's January 25 Revolution, leaving two dead and hundreds injured Saturday
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