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Egypt - Politics
1/24/2013 11:37:04 AM
Hardcore fans of Cairo football club Ahly vow vengeance on those they hold responsible for Port Said disaster ahead of trial verdict expected on Saturday

Business - Economy
1/23/2013 7:13:01 PM
Despite protests outside the Egyptian bourse Wednesday, strong trading saw a five-month high in turnover

Egypt - Politics
1/23/2013 6:14:20 PM
Interior Ministry warns of violence and damage to public property during January 25 Revolution second anniversary demonstrations on Friday and calls on citizens to abide by the law

Egypt - Politics
1/23/2013 4:10:15 PM
Ultras Ahlawy members temporarily block Cairo metro before protesting outside Mogamma in Tahrir Square and blocking Sixth October Bridge

Egypt - Politics
1/23/2013 3:38:29 PM

Egypt - Politics
1/22/2013 9:22:35 PM
Three days before the Port Said verdicts are announced, Morsi issues a decision to include the victims among the official martyrs of the revolution

Egypt - Politics
1/22/2013 6:06:30 PM
Ultras football fans protest detention of 14-year-old member Omar Hisham following clashes outside Alexandria court

Egypt - Politics
1/21/2013 10:38:05 PM
The prosecution has requested a postponement in the Port Said case after providing new evidence related to the football killings

Egypt - Politics
1/20/2013 3:00:19 PM
Seventy-three defendants in Port Said football trial will not be moved to Cairo to hear verdict on 26 January after Ultras Ahlawy threaten 'action' if verdict does not 'satisfy them'

Multimedia -
1/18/2013 8:42:20 PM
As Ahly Ultras march for justice for the scores of fans killed in last year's Port Said massacre, families of the fallen speak of their expectations for the upcoming court verdict.

Egypt - Politics
1/18/2013 6:58:03 PM
Hardcore football fans of Cairo-based Ahly team converge on flashpoint square week before anticipated court verdict on Egypt's worst-ever football tragedy; threaten 'justice or chaos'

Multimedia -
1/18/2013 6:56:28 PM
Ahram Online's Mai Shaheen followed thousands of Ultras Ahlawy as they made their way from different spots around Cairo to Tahrir chanting for justice for comrades who died in Port Said last February

Multimedia -
1/18/2013 6:00:51 PM
Ahram Online joined thousands of Ultras fans as they marched from Ramsis square to Tahrir to demand justice for Port Said massacre victims ten days before a verdict in the case

Egypt - Politics
1/17/2013 4:31:38 PM
Revolutionary and opposition movements announce their support to protests planned by the Ultras this Friday for the martyrs of the Port Said football massacre

Egypt - Politics
1/14/2013 3:14:02 PM
Political group calls for retribution and justice for martyrs of Port Said disaster; verdict expected on 26 January

Egypt - Politics
1/11/2013 5:17:34 PM
The transportation of 'Port Said Massacre' defendants to Cairo would jeopardise their lives, thousands of protesters said while marching in the Egyptian coastal city

Egypt - Politics
1/9/2013 1:06:16 PM
Supporters of Cairo-based club Al-Ahly to stage Tahrir protest days before 26 January ruling on those charged with involvement in February 2012 football massacre

Books -
1/7/2013 11:33:02 AM
The sports book tackles history of Ultras Ahlawy, the hardcore fans of Cairo-based football team Al-Ahly, from social, economic and artistic angle

Multimedia - WFC
12/21/2012 7:10:54 PM
Die-hard fans of Ahly football club march to the iconic Tahrir Square to commemorate last year’s death of a fellow supporter, call for justice for the slain Port Said fans (all photos by Mai Shaheen)

Egypt - Politics
12/5/2012 6:21:20 PM
Hardcore football fans heading to the presidential palace in support of protesters attacked by Islamists

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