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Business - Energy
10/19/2021 3:18:17 PM
Greece pledged Tuesday to link Egypt to the European Union's energy market with an undersea cable that would carry electricity across the Mediterranean.

World - International
2/10/2021 4:48:50 PM
A powerful undersea earthquake has struck north of New Zealand, prompting a tsunami watch in the region

Egypt - Politics
1/2/2018 4:44:00 PM

World - International
1/10/2017 10:04:58 AM

World - International
12/29/2013 1:20:03 PM

Business - Economy
3/24/2013 6:08:05 PM
Leading Egyptian ISP company says it has repaired damage to undersea cable that had led to weekend drop in broadband speeds countrywide

Business - Economy
7/7/2012 12:31:39 PM
Severed undersea cable means Beirut users have limited web access; Cyprus helps reroute traffic

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
6/9/2012 10:50:03 AM
With ambitious plans to build the world's first undersea hotel and establish itself as a cultural hub with an opera house and museum complex, Dubai is dreaming again

World - International
9/17/2011 1:57:18 PM
Geologists announce a strong 6.6-magnitude undersea quake along with a series of aftershocks in Japan's coast of Honshu island near the area exposed to the huge March quake and Tsunami