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Business - Economy
12/31/2013 1:59:22 PM
Report shows poverty had deepened in all areas of Italy between 2011 and 2012

Business - Economy
12/8/2013 10:11:51 PM
Shrinking female workforce participation and job growth also revealed in 14-year study, prominent Egyptian labour economist tells Cairo Economic Research Forum

Egypt - Politics
12/4/2013 9:43:59 PM
Key social and economic problems that became factors leading to the 25 January 2011 uprising remain unaddressed, according to UN report cited by rights group Amnesty International

Business - Economy
11/17/2013 9:30:54 PM
Number of unemployed Egyptians increases by 30,000 during period between July and September

Business - Economy
11/17/2013 10:57:37 AM
Eastern Sudan remains in poverty with 75% unemployment, underdevelopment in health services and shortage in drinking water despite plans for modernization and international donations

World - International
11/14/2013 9:48:08 AM
Recent polls show that 65 percent say they had a rather negative or very negative opinion about the French president

Business - Economy
11/13/2013 12:02:44 PM
Unemployment falls in Britain

Business - Economy
11/4/2013 12:30:10 PM
South Africa lags behind its fellow BRICS as structural unemployment remains high and foreign investment bellow target, says Goldman Sachs

Business - Economy
10/31/2013 2:32:28 PM
European Central Bank under pressure after Euro zone inflation drops to nearly 4-year lows in October as unemployment remains high in September

Business - Economy
10/24/2013 9:45:34 AM
Afghan laborers are mostly unskilled earning meager pay which hinders overcoming impoverishment; says International Labor Organization

World - International
10/18/2013 12:54:07 PM
We're giving money to the bankers! We're like a car going down a cliff, an Italian demonstrator said

World - Region
10/7/2013 10:12:13 AM
Saudis launch 'The salary is not enough' hashtag on Twitter, triggers more than 17.5 million tweets

Business - Economy
10/2/2013 6:04:51 PM
Unemployment numbers back on the rise as summer season ends

World - Region
9/28/2013 7:03:45 PM
Algerian youth organise mass protests in 25 cities to demand jobs amid rising unemployment

Business - Economy
9/12/2013 7:44:46 PM
Government hopes plan will cut unemployment down to 9 percent, budget deficit by 5 percent and raise growth rate to 3.5 percent

Business - Economy
9/6/2013 5:16:33 PM
Latest hiring and jobless rate statistics complicate Federal Reserve's decision on whether to scale back its massive monetary stimulus this month

Business - Economy
8/18/2013 3:31:02 PM
Unemployment rises in the second quarter, up 0.70% from the previous quarter

Business - Economy
8/8/2013 3:25:45 PM
Greece sees a 3.8 percent rise in its unemployment rate since last year, with nearly 65 percent of youth without jobs

Business - Economy
7/25/2013 1:16:00 PM
Jobless rate falls 0.9 percent as cash-strapped European tourists turn to Spain for budget vacations away from Egypt and Middle Eastern troublespots

Business - Economy
7/22/2013 8:06:37 PM
Male youth unemployment reached 30.8 percent in most governorates in 2011, according to Egypt's statistics body CAPMAS

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