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Egypt - Politics
7/23/2015 6:00:00 PM
Pleasure boat crashes with barge on Nile near Al-Warraq, skipper of barge detained pending investigations

Egypt - Politics
10/28/2013 11:03:06 AM
'Twenty-five members' of an unnamed militant group arrested 'in Giza, Sharqiya and Ismailia' over recent attacks, security source tells state-owned daily Al-Ahram

Egypt - Politics
10/25/2013 11:46:11 AM
Muslim Brotherhood cites priest's statement to prove three members were injured during the church attack; denies allegations of links to the incident

Egypt - Politics
10/24/2013 7:33:29 PM
Death of Mohamed Ibrahim Ali, in intensive care since Sunday, brings Al-Adra church attack causalities to 5

Egypt - Politics
10/22/2013 7:01:53 PM
Police supposed to be guarding Al-Warraq church were absent during Sunday's attack, church employee tells prosecutors

Egypt - Politics
10/22/2013 6:14:30 PM
Giza governorate announces compensation of LE 5000 to families of dead in Sunday's Al-Warraq attack, according to state news agency MENA

Egypt - Politics
10/21/2013 10:25:00 PM
Grief has replaced wedding bells at a Cairo church where a Sunday drive-by shooting killed at least four wedding attendees

Egypt - Politics
10/21/2013 7:30:00 PM
Maspero Youth Union calls for a protest Tuesday against the government; Salafist Nour Party and Al-Gamaa Al-Islamiya condemn the attack

Egypt - Politics
10/21/2013 4:06:51 PM
Muslim Brotherhood holds Ministry of Interior responsible for not protecting Egyptians whilst being publicly blamed for the attack

Egypt - Politics
10/21/2013 12:15:44 PM
The death toll increases to four and the injured to 18 in the Al-Warraq church attack Sunday on a wedding ceremony

Egypt - Politics
10/21/2013 12:57:09 AM
Thirteen-year-old girl, woman and man gunned down as unknown gunmen open fire at church wedding ceremony in Cairo’s Al-Warraq

Egypt - Politics
4/30/2012 11:17:05 AM
Residents of Gezirit Al-Waraq, an island of extreme poverty just kilometres from central Cairo, cry out for help from Egypt's new leaders after decades of neglect

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