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Multimedia - In Pictures
2/3/2022 1:57:40 PM
The opening ceremony is set for Friday!

Egypt - Foreign Affairs
2/3/2022 1:53:09 PM
Egypt’s President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi left for China on Thursday morning to attend the opening ceremony of the 24th edition of the Beijing Winter Olympics, which will take place on Friday.

Multimedia - In Pictures
2/1/2022 3:10:56 PM

Sports - World
2/1/2022 1:32:02 PM
Premier League clubs splashed out nearly £300 million in January -- the second-highest amount ever spent in the winter transfer window -- boosted by a flurry of late big-money moves.

Sports - Omni sports
2/1/2022 12:01:00 PM
A senior Olympics official said Tuesday that venues at the Beijing Winter Games could be up to 50 percent full, countering fears that Covid-19 would lead to a second consecutive Games without spectators.

Sports - World
2/1/2022 11:19:06 AM
It was a mix of good news and bad news for Barcelona at the end of the winter transfer window on Monday.

Sports - Africa
1/31/2022 3:24:11 PM
The last day of the winter transfer window arrived in Spain on Monday with Barcelona hoping to seal the signing of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and find a buyer for Ousmane Dembele.

Sports - Omni sports
1/31/2022 12:40:48 PM
Skeleton silver medalist Nikita Tregubov and one of his teammates will miss the upcoming Winter Olympics in Beijing after contracting the coronavirus and other athletes are also in doubt, Russian officials said Monday.

Multimedia - In Pictures
1/31/2022 12:36:32 PM

Sports - Omni sports
1/31/2022 10:16:42 AM
Ski racers settling into the start gate for Alpine World Cup events in the Rocky Mountains in early December squinted through sunshine that carried the temperature toward 50 degrees and glanced down at a course covered with pristine — and manufactured — snow.

Business - Energy
1/27/2022 10:27:41 PM
Russia furnishes over 40 percent of the natural gas Europe imports and in the event it invades Ukraine again those supplies could be at risk, throwing into question European countries's ability to keep the heat on in the dead of winter.

Egypt - Society
1/27/2022 12:19:53 PM
Egypt will see improved weather conditions on Friday, as the country continues to witness its coldest winter in a decade.

Sports - Omni sports
1/27/2022 11:59:22 AM
The finance model for the Winter Olympics calls for the host country to spend several billion dollars, the IOC to earn a couple billion, and sports bodies to share around hundreds of millions.

Egypt - Society
1/26/2022 5:25:19 PM
Egypt’s northern coast and parts of the Nile Delta and Greater Cairo saw mild to heavy rainfall on Wednesday, which the Egyptian Meteorological Authority has described as this winter’s “coldest day.”

Sports - Omni sports
1/26/2022 1:44:16 PM
Climate change is threatening the future of the Winter Olympics, reducing the number of suitable venues for the event around the globe, a report warned ahead of the Beijing Games.

Egypt - Society
1/25/2022 8:29:20 PM
Egypt, known for its mild and cool winters, is currently experiencing relatively colder waves, with experts deeming the current spell as the coldest in almost ten years and attributing the phenomenon to the climate changes.

World - International
1/24/2022 8:15:05 PM
Less than two weeks before the opening of the Winter Olympics, a few dozen COVID-19 cases in Beijing have prompted authorities to test millions of people in the capital and extend that to anyone buying cold medicine.

Sports - Omni sports
1/24/2022 10:28:19 AM
Beijing warned Monday that heavy air pollution is likely during the Winter Olympics, but said emergency plans were in place to ensure the Games are not disrupted by smog.

World - Region
1/22/2022 12:11:20 PM
The first commercial airline flights in one month took off Saturday from Xi'an in western China as the government eased travel curbs imposed after a coronavirus outbreak ahead of next month's Winter Olympics in Beijing.

Egypt - Society
1/20/2022 12:34:35 PM
Egypt will see “extremely cold” weather starting Thursday till Tuesday, with temperatures set to drop further until next week, the Egyptian Meteorological Authority (EMA) said.

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