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World - International
11/17/2013 2:27:09 PM

World - International
11/8/2013 12:13:21 PM
China's state-run news agency reported that Feng Zhijun, the suspect, had previously served nine years in prison for theft

World - Region
11/3/2013 9:36:25 AM
No reason given for General Peng Yong's removal but it comes after Monday's attack in Tiananmen Square, deemed major embarrassment for enormous state security apparatus

World - International
11/1/2013 12:25:29 PM
ETIM is known as a militant Islamic separatist group that seeks an independent state in China's restive Xinjiang region

World - International
10/31/2013 10:30:44 AM
Such an attack is a crime against humanity and the government should spare an effort to ensure Beijing's stability, the city's official daily says

World - International
10/29/2013 10:18:12 AM
Two suspects named after car rammed into and killed five people next to the Forbidden City, a highly-visited tourist attraction in Beijing

World - International
10/8/2013 1:53:20 PM
Xinjiang police are investigating 256 people for 'destabilising rumors' online, mostly about jihad, which authorities see as an endorsement for crime in China

World - International
8/12/2013 6:20:10 PM
In July 2009, Xinjiang's capital, Urumqi, was the scene of clashes between majority Han Chinese and minority Uighurs that killed nearly 200 people

World - International
6/26/2013 9:11:21 AM

World - International
3/27/2013 1:51:25 PM
Almost 20 ethnic Uighurs face life imprisonment verdicts on charges of carrying out jihad in China's unstable Xinjiang region

World - International
8/1/2012 2:56:14 PM
Chinese government restricts bans Muslims from fasting during Ramadan in the turbulent northwestern region of Xinjiang, as the area has been rocketed by repeated outbreaks of ethnic violence

World - International
2/29/2012 3:10:54 PM
Attackers knife 13 to death in China's Xinjiang, police blame Muslim Uighurs

World - International
2/28/2012 10:36:45 PM

World - International
12/29/2011 11:35:26 AM
Chinese police kill seven in the restive Xinjiang region and free two hostages held by members of ethnic Uighur group which rejects centralised Beijing rule

World - International
10/18/2011 1:54:28 PM
China vaccinates over 9 million in Xinjiang after polio outbreak that killed one

Life & Style - Health
9/22/2011 3:16:27 PM
10 people in China's Xinjiang region contract polio, says UN group

World - International
9/11/2011 9:53:25 AM
A minority rights group accuses China of using the global "war on terror" to jail thousands of ethnic Muslim Uighurs in Xinjiang region

World - International
9/8/2011 2:37:10 PM
Attacks that killed 30 to avenge 'Chinese occupation' of Xinjiang region

World - International
8/13/2011 1:29:43 PM
China deploys an anti-terrorism police unit to the ethnically-disturbed norhwest region of Xinjinag

World - International
8/1/2011 10:31:39 AM

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