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Business - Economy
9/7/2011 5:50:34 PM
Main index takes a tiny dip as exchange's largest firm sees sell-offs and youth coalition calls for another wave of weekend protests

Egypt - Politics
9/4/2011 4:31:31 PM
Revolutionary youth coalitions, frustrated with many stumbling blocks on the way to the new Egypt, call on the ruling military council to step down soon at a mass protest planned in Tahrir on 9 September

Egypt - Politics
8/29/2011 3:24:12 PM

World - Region
8/27/2011 6:07:11 PM
Syrian Youth Coalition accuses Lebanon's Hezbollah of involvement in helping Syrian president crackdown on democracy protesters in their country

Egypt - Politics
8/26/2011 4:16:01 PM
A church in Shubra, Cairo receives threats that it will be burnt down after sectarian clashes Thursday, prompting military patrols and Revolution Youth Coaltion members to coordinate with citizens to protect it

Egypt - Politics
8/10/2011 3:41:20 PM
Having largely been refused admission into Mubarak's trial, protesters will call for families' rights to enter the court

Egypt - Politics
7/22/2011 11:22:00 AM
"It ain't over till the fat lady sings" goes the popular colloquialism. Well, the fat lady is yet to sing in Tahrir Square, and the protests go on. Ahram Online tries to identify who's running the show

Egypt - Politics
7/21/2011 5:13:42 PM
The Revolution Youth Coalition held a press conference today to announce that they will lead a march on 23 July from Tahrir Square to the SCAF HQ to demand an end to military trials for civilians

Egypt - Politics
7/14/2011 7:12:21 PM
Preparations for another set of million-man marches are already underway tomorrow across Egypt as dozens of revolution coalitions call for the revolution's demands to be fulfilled

Egypt - Politics
7/12/2011 4:00:09 PM
The coalition describes Prime Minister Essam Sharaf as an 'obstacle to the revolution', demanding his resignation and the forming of a national unity government

Egypt - Politics
7/12/2011 1:39:43 PM
A new statement issued by 19 political groups encourages peaceful protest and warns against destructive acts

Egypt - Politics
7/11/2011 6:54:52 PM
The revolutionaries' demands distilled into five key points

Egypt - Politics
7/10/2011 3:32:38 PM
Prime Minister Sharaf meets with protesters to discuss the demands of the sit-ins taking place across Egypt

Egypt - Politics
7/9/2011 1:20:26 AM
The Egypt Youth Coalition and a number of political parties and movements are set to issue a joint statement outlining the demands of the nation-wide sit-in protest action

Egypt -
7/9/2011 12:05:51 AM
Revolutionary youth insist that sit-ins in Cairo's Tahrir and in several other Egyptian cities will continue until four basic demands are met

Egypt - Politics
7/4/2011 5:10:17 PM
Egypt's Revolution Youth Coalition held a press conference Monday to announce their position on the anticipated 8 July Tahrir Square protest - and invited PM Sharaf to join them in Tahrir

Egypt - Politics
7/1/2011 4:52:51 PM
Demonstrators in Alexandria have closed off the Corniche Street while protesting police ‎brutality

Egypt - Politics
6/30/2011 5:26:11 PM
The main youth coalition in Suez, one of the engines of the January 25 Revolution, has called for an open sit-in until the unfulfilled demands of the revolution are met

Egypt - Politics
6/9/2011 5:02:06 PM
Burial in Cairo cemetary of 19 young people killed during the uprising organised by revolutionary youth coalition

Egypt - Politics
6/2/2011 3:00:44 PM
Conducted by a panel of three military officers and largely free of audience interaction, the first dialogue between the ruling military council and revolutionary youth coalitions fails to live up to its billing

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