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Al-Ahram Weekly - Opinion
10/14/2021 2:45:00 PM
Celebrating this year’s Nobel laureate in literature.

Al-Ahram Weekly - Living
9/21/2021 11:10:33 PM
In the age of Covid-19, many honeymooners have changed their destinations because of changes to travel options

World - Africa
3/19/2021 1:13:29 PM
Hassan, 61, a soft-spoken ruling party stalwart from the island of Zanzibar, will finish Magufuli's second five-year term, set to run until 2025

Arts & Culture - Entertainment
3/1/2020 5:37:50 PM
Netflix premieres debut 'Made-in-Africa' original show shot at more than 37 locations including in Kenya, Zanzibar, Nigeria and South Africa

Sports - Egyptian Football
9/29/2019 5:44:49 PM
Masry advance to the next round with a 7-2 aggregate victory over Zanzibar's Malindi

Sports - Egyptian Football
9/29/2019 4:15:00 PM
Ahram Online provided a live score coverage of Sunday's match between Egypt's Masry and Zanzibar's Malindi in the 2nd leg of the African Confederation Cup second preliminary round

Sports - Egyptian Football
9/15/2019 7:52:00 PM
Ahram Online provided a live score coverage of Sunday's match between Zanzibar's Malindi and Egypt's Masry in the 1st leg of African Confederation Cup round of 32

Sports - Africa
7/21/2017 4:04:40 PM

World - Africa
5/29/2017 4:56:36 PM

Sports - Africa
3/16/2017 12:52:54 PM

World - Region
11/12/2015 10:05:35 AM

Sports - Talents Abroad
12/27/2011 11:13:51 AM
Egyptian coach Abdel-Fattah Abbas is officially in charge of developing football on the archipelago of Zanzibar, Tanzania, whose locals view him with admiration

Arts & Culture - Music
10/6/2011 5:48:21 PM
The coastal Arab nation of Oman is the unlikely center of a thriving African music scene with roots stretching back centuries and across the seas to Zanzibar

World - International
9/17/2011 12:31:56 PM
Authorities charge four men for causing 203 deaths in a ferry that sank in Zanzibar last week, due to allowing the boat to be overloaded

World - International
9/12/2011 11:48:25 AM
South African divers begin searching the bottom of a sunken ferry off Zanzibar in a bid to recover around 200 bodies after one of Africa's worst maritime disasters of the past decade