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10/8/2019 10:16:26 PM
This is the seventh novel by the Cairo judge

Books - BestSeller
2/22/2014 2:00:00 PM
A new novel entitled 'The Barman' by judge and writer Achraf El-Achmawi is already a bestselling award winner

Books - Arab
11/6/2013 2:13:52 PM
Egyptian judge and novelist Ashraf El-Ashmawy is to be honoured at the 32nd Sharjah International Book Fair for his novel 'Toya'

Books - Arab
1/22/2013 3:06:39 PM
Booker-nominated judge and author El-Achmawi publishes Al Morshid (The Informant) on the changes in Egyptian society after the defeat to Israel in '67 and through the ups and downs on the way to the 2011 revolution

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3/19/2012 6:10:52 PM
A new book entitled Legitimate Robberies by legal consultant Ashraf El-Ashmawi is to be released within days

Heritage - Ancient Egypt
2/23/2011 1:00:24 PM
An unexpected meeting at the ministry of state for antiquities affairs melts the ice between its minister and protesters, who have been picketing its building in recent days