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Arts & Culture - Music
5/22/2013 7:29:09 PM
Between 12 and 14 May, the American University in Cairo performed one-act opera The Telephone and highlights from Les Miserables bringing to light the remarkable singing and acting potentials of the Egyptian youth

World - Region
5/22/2013 1:19:29 PM
Syrian National Coalition (SNC) invited to attend Wednesday's 'Friends of Syria' meeting in Amman; acting SNC chief George Sabra expected to attend

World - International
4/20/2013 10:29:53 AM
Amid political and economic turmoil, Indonesia's president appointed his ally and political heir as finance minister

World - International
4/15/2013 8:54:52 PM
OAS head demands a recount after Venezuela's election council declared acting President Nicolas Maduro as the successor of Hugo Chavez

World - International
4/2/2013 12:49:28 PM
Weeks ahead of Venezuelan elections to find successor to Hugo Chavez, opposition candidate slams acting president for allegedly using state media and money in campaign

World - International
3/17/2013 7:10:12 PM
Venezuela's acting president accuse the U.S. of conspiring against him by planning to kill his opposition rival and trigger a coup before an April 14 election

World - International
3/9/2013 1:29:36 PM
Venezuela's Nicolas Maduro takes over as acting president and names Chavez's son-in-law Jorge Arreaza vice president before urging election authorities to "immediately" convene elections

Sports - World
3/3/2013 4:33:54 PM
China's Zhang Jilong, the acting head of Asian soccer, will not run for the AFC presidency in its upcoming election, local media reported on Sunday

World - Region
3/2/2013 11:48:15 AM
Saudi Arabia police accuse the protesters of acting on behalf of "deviant groups", a term the authorities usually use to refer to the Al-Qaeda jihadist network

Arts & Culture - Visual Art
1/26/2013 12:00:00 AM
Looking into Arab art and creativity, Ahram Online speaks with Michelle Dezember, Mathaf Arab Museum of Modern Art acting director and head of the education and public programmes

Egypt - Politics
1/23/2013 11:51:03 AM
As Egypt's two year anniversary of its revolution approaches, rights group claims the country's police force is "acting like a gang"

World - International
12/11/2012 2:40:10 PM
Following the shooting of acting head of the women's affairs department, the United Nations joined escalating criticism of President Hamid Karzai's government regarding women's rights and called for a law to eliminate violence

World - International
12/3/2012 12:52:16 PM
Central bank chief Serhiy Arbuzov is expected to be appointed as the new Ukrainian PM

Sports - World
10/17/2012 11:38:14 AM
Acting Asian Football Confederation chief Zhang Jilong heavily criticises sidelined president Mohamed Bin Hammam, denies interfering with ongoing disciplinary action into alleged financial wrongdoing

Egypt - Politics
10/11/2012 11:12:42 AM
Former parliamentary speaker Saad El-Katatni and acting party leader Essam El-Erian to compete for leadership of Freedom and Justice Party in ballot on 19 October

Egypt - Politics
9/20/2012 8:34:20 PM
In an exclusive interview, Essam El-Erian – presidential adviser and acting chairman of Brotherhood's FJP – talks to Ahram Online about parliamentary polls, new constitution and Egypt's post-revolution foreign policy

Egypt -
9/19/2012 4:20:07 PM
Acting-head Mohamed Raafat Shehata promoted as Egypt's new spy chief, a month after ex-intelligence director retired in wake of August's bloody Sinai attacks

Sports - World
9/5/2012 8:49:46 PM
France coach Didier Deschamps has no intention of acting like a teacher to his players despite their controversial behaviour in recent years, he said on Wednesday

Egypt - Politics
8/27/2012 3:09:45 PM
Egypt President Mohamed Morsi's advisory team will include Essam El-Erian, the acting chairman of the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Freedom and Justice Party

World - International
8/22/2012 3:49:19 PM
Ethiopia's acting PM Hailemariam Desalegn is to continue late Meles Zenawi's presidential term which lasts until 2015 as the country's ruling EPRDF ensures a continuation of Zenawi's policies

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