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World - Region
6/4/2012 11:19:42 AM
Russian President and Western leaders hold talks in Saint Petersburg; EU is expected to put pressure on Moscow to harden its position on both Syria and Iran crises

World - Region
5/12/2012 4:37:41 PM
At least four people killed across Syria, as the UN mission in Syria announce that it now had 145 military observers on the ground just shy of half the force of 300 authorised by the Security Council

World - Region
5/9/2012 10:18:14 AM
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reports that Bashar al-Assad forces shelled the town of Douma near Damascus, while raking a village in the country's northwest with machinegun fire and killing a civilian

World - Region
5/4/2012 7:08:21 PM
UN mediator Kofi Annan's plan for Syria is "on track", though progress in implementing the ceasefire is slow, his spokesman said Friday

World - Region
3/13/2012 6:24:26 PM
Activists wonder whether the regime attacks on Homs and Idlib this weekend will scare Syrians from protesting or spur them onto the streets on the first anniversary of the Syrian revolution

World - Region
3/4/2012 4:16:51 PM
Syrian rights groups report that at least seven people killed including children by the Syrian regime forces in the strategic city of Rastan