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Al-Ahram Weekly - Culture
2/22/2022 8:18:19 PM
David Tresilian attended Marseilles exhibition that reconstructs the background and afterlife of French novelist Gustave Flaubert’s North African novel Salammbô, and read the 12th-century Iraqi physician Abdel-Latif al-Baghdadi’s account of his visit to Egypt

Al-Ahram Weekly - Cinema
12/7/2021 10:25:21 PM

Heritage - Ancient Egypt
4/1/2014 9:36:03 PM
Study by AUC professor and a team from Bristol University shows that ancient Egyptians used a special resin from modern day Syria and Lebanon to preserve meats included in royal tombs

Books -
11/17/2013 10:06:46 AM
'The First Phone Call From Heaven,' which came out Tuesday, mines the same death-and-afterlife material that transformed Albom 16 years ago from an award-winning sports columnist into a best-selling author

Timeout - Lectures & Book Signings
11/11/2012 10:24:32 PM

Books - World
10/17/2012 11:29:57 AM
Eben Alexander's quick trip to heaven will be cited in his upcoming book, 'Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife'

Heritage - Ancient Egypt
6/23/2011 5:31:00 PM
Buried for 4,500 years, King Khufu’s second solar boat, designed to ferry him to the afterlife, has been uncovered

Heritage - Ancient Egypt
12/10/2010 1:46:53 PM
The delicate details of the afterlife written down on papyrus by the ancient Egyptians have been unfurled in public at a British Museum exhibit