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Business - Economy
1/17/2013 11:55:53 AM
Syria and Iran have reached credit facility and energy transmission agreements

World - Region
12/28/2012 11:31:10 AM
Russia, a strong ally of the Syrian regime, calls President Bashar Al-Assad to open dialogue with opposition and implement the agreements reached in Geneva

Business - Economy
11/28/2012 4:24:56 PM
Egypt's General Petroleum Corporation signed five agreements with Algeria's SONATRACH increasing cooking gas supply to 1 million metric tonnes after gas-shortage crisis raises prices

World - Region
11/27/2012 11:59:25 AM
A day after agreements are forged between Iraqi federal government and autonomous Kurdistan region, car bomb explodes in northern city of Kirkuk

Business - Economy
10/30/2012 3:43:57 PM

Business - Economy
10/24/2012 1:54:41 PM
Lift follows new agreements between Manila and Amman aimed at protecting Filipino workers and granting them a minimum monthly wage

Egypt - Politics
10/18/2012 1:46:58 PM
New Egyptian ambassador to Israel says Egypt is committed to all agreements signed between the two nations

Business - Economy
10/11/2012 4:09:39 PM
Countries make further steps towards reconciliation after recent agreements to end hostilities and resume oil exports

Egypt - The Balance Sheet
10/7/2012 7:34:54 PM
The report includes detailed description of the presidents' major domestic decisions as well as agreements signed with foreign nations; it can be read online

Business - Economy
9/28/2012 12:38:24 PM
A consortium of Russian oil firms along with state-run Petroleum de Venezuela begin extracting oil from Orinoco Belt

World - Region
9/27/2012 4:30:24 PM
Two Sudans ink raft of cooperation, security agreements in Ethiopia in bid to stabilise relations between former adversaries

Business - Economy
8/28/2012 4:19:52 PM
Cairo and Beijing will sign agreements for seven major projects, including a power station, a desalination plant, industrial bakeries and Internet development during Egypt's president visit to China

Egypt - First 100 days
8/23/2012 1:55:15 PM
China attaches great importance to Egypt's president's visit, says Chinese foreign ministry spokesman.

Egypt - First 100 days
7/25/2012 2:37:02 PM
Jordanian official Nasser Gouda visits Cairo Wednesday to convey second communiqué from Jordan's premier since President Morsi assumed office, discussing bilateral agreements and the region

Business - Economy
6/13/2012 12:12:06 PM

World - Region
2/24/2012 10:20:00 AM
Kuwait's parliament speaker and other four MPs call for cutting all economic cooperation agreements with Syria, coming a month after Kuwait expelled the Syrian ambassador and recalled its envoys from Damascus

Business - Economy
1/8/2012 1:59:09 PM
Egypt's minister of petroleum is determined to redraft Egypt's gas supply contract with Israel

Business - Economy
1/3/2012 11:23:01 AM
New wave of seven-day repurchase agreements will be at fixed rate of 9.75 per cent

Business - Economy
1/2/2012 2:47:23 PM
Italian giant's Gaddafi-era agreements over energy production and export will remain in force, confirms Libyan government

World - International
12/26/2011 2:51:34 PM
Kabul shows willingness to engage with Taliban out of fear they would forge agreements with the West to open office in Qatar, stresses importance of negotiations for peace

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