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World - Region
5/9/2013 7:02:53 PM
Tunisia's interior minister announces that his anti-terrorism task force arrested a Libyan terrorist trying to enter with a quantity of explosives in Port of Ktef in Ben Guardan

World - International
2/12/2013 3:49:40 PM
In an anti-terrorism probe, 15 Kurds are arrested in southwestern France on suspicion of being senior figures within the outlawed Kurdistan Worker's Party

World - International
2/12/2013 3:38:47 PM
Indonesian parliament passes bill allowing authorities to freeze bank accounts of suspected militants in an attempt to combat terrorism

World - Region
1/14/2013 7:09:02 PM
Iraq releases 300 prisoners held under anti-terrorism laws, in response to weeks of anti-government Sunni Muslim protests

World - International
12/27/2012 3:49:35 PM
Gunmen shot North Ossetia's deputy mufti many times in the head at point blank range as he was driving near the provincial capital of Vladikavkaz

World - International
11/1/2012 7:50:59 PM
UN experts review Turkey's rights record and 1991 Anti-Terrorism Law as almost 100 journalists are in prison as well as thousands of activists, lawyers, politicians, military officers and others

World - Region
9/15/2012 8:25:36 PM
Yemen Parliament announces its rejection of US decision to deploy a Marine anti-terrorism unit in Sanaa to help protect American embassy

World - Region
9/12/2012 11:00:41 PM
As US dispatches anti-terrorism forces to Libya in wake of bloody embassy attack, Ahram Online provides wrap-up of latest developments from Egypt's turbulent next-door neighbour

World - Region
9/12/2012 9:10:56 PM
US Navy's Fleet Antiterrorism Security Team, a 50-member strong unit, is deployed to Libya, following death of US ambassador and three other diplomats in Benghazi

World - Region
9/12/2012 4:37:31 PM
US official confirms an anti-terrorism Marine security fleet is being dispatched to Libya to 'boost security', following the death of US ambassador to Libya and three other embassy staff

World - International
8/21/2012 4:45:02 PM
Prominent rights organizations criticize anti-terrorism legislation under Ethiopian PM Meles Zenawi, encourage change in the coming period

World - International
7/14/2012 2:51:40 PM
Eskinder Nega and seven opposition figures were sentenced under Ethiopian Anti-Terrorism Proclamation

Business - Economy
5/15/2012 5:59:51 PM
International economic sanctions on an Islamic Egypt would have led to mass hunger, the late Al-Qaeda leader says in a memo recently released by US anti-terrorism centre

World - International
3/19/2012 4:56:36 PM
French anti-terrorism prosecutors to investigate Jewish school shootings

World - Region
2/15/2012 1:28:41 PM
Police in Seoul show off high-tech bomb-disposal robots, conduct anti-terrorism drills ahead of next month's planned nuclear summit

World - Region
10/29/2011 5:46:26 PM
Marrakesh April bombing victims' families say that the the light penalties were a betrayal of justice, as the sentence seven men convicted to less than five years in jail

World - International
9/13/2011 3:39:17 PM
Gunmen who attacked British couple at luxury resort were part of larger gang, likely to have fled to Somalia, anti-terrorism source says

World - International
9/9/2011 2:39:19 PM
China accuses the US of having 'double standards' in combating terrorism, using counter-terrorism as a 'cheap excuse' for interventions

World - International
8/13/2011 1:29:43 PM
China deploys an anti-terrorism police unit to the ethnically-disturbed norhwest region of Xinjinag

World - Region
7/24/2011 11:15:15 AM
Saudi Arabia's ambassador to Britain has denied charges by Amnesty International that a planned anti-terrorism law will be used to stifle dissent and prevent pro-democracy protests

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