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Life & Style - Style
4/9/2013 4:56:30 PM
'In Tunisia there is beauty, fashion, creativity, joie de vivre and hope, not just social and political problems and economic woes,' the fashion show's artistic and technical director

Arts & Culture - Visual Art
4/9/2013 3:17:30 PM
In an initiative to discover and nurture young artistic talents, the Ministry of Culture is to open the Egyptian Talent' exhibition Wednesday 10 April

Arts & Culture - Visual Art
3/24/2013 12:00:00 AM
'My Nineties' opening in Townhouse Gallery on 1 April uses several artistic mediums to rediscover Egyptian media and television during the 90s

Egypt - Politics
3/12/2013 5:02:52 PM
Egyptian education minister says he recognises the importance of artistic subjects, denies rumours that they will be removed from curriculum

Multimedia -
3/11/2013 2:22:41 PM
'The Living Newspaper' in Artellewa is a collaborative theatre project creating a platform for people to react to artistically to current events and social issues through workshops and bi-weekly performances

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
3/11/2013 12:00:00 AM
'The Living Newspaper' in Artellewa offers workshops and bi-weekly performances a space for artistic reaction to current events and social issues in Egypt

Arts & Culture - Visual Art
3/8/2013 1:22:20 PM
Recording Against Regimes is an artistic contemplation of real and fabricated realities under Communist and Egypt's regimes. Hosted by Darb 1718, the exhibition runs between the 6 and 23 March

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
2/5/2013 12:00:00 AM
Volunteers from over 11 countries took to Alexandrian streets to discover, refurbish and delve into the spaces of artistic expression

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
1/22/2013 3:36:56 PM
London based X-Index announces conference 'Taking the Offensive,' on censorship and threats to artistic freedom of expression to be held on 29 January

Arts & Culture - Music
1/15/2013 4:15:23 PM
On Tuesday, 22 January, the Cairo Opera Orchestra, led by its principal conductor and artistic director, will perform contemporary works from all over the world

Books -
1/7/2013 11:33:02 AM
The sports book tackles history of Ultras Ahlawy, the hardcore fans of Cairo-based football team Al-Ahly, from social, economic and artistic angle

Arts & Culture - Visual Art
12/16/2012 3:13:15 PM
A Polish man who defaced a Mark Rothko painting in London's Tate Modern gallery with black ink to promote an obscure artistic creed was sentenced Thursday to two years in jail

Arts & Culture - Film
11/28/2012 3:46:59 PM
Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan accused of artistic tyranny for strongly condemning a TV show that revolves around the reign of Suleiman the Magnificent

Arts & Culture - Film
11/26/2012 6:44:06 PM
Producer and filmmaker Marianne Khoury, artistic director of this year's Cairo International Film Festival, talks on Egypt's most prestigious film festival and the challenges it faces

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
11/9/2012 3:09:23 PM
For more than a decade, the Alexandria-based Gudran Association for Arts and Development has pursued social transformation through artistic projects and support for local culture

Timeout - Theatre
9/29/2012 3:00:00 PM
Play by the artistic House for Theatre

Arts & Culture - Music
9/13/2012 12:00:00 AM
On 8 September, the Opening Night Gala inaugurated the new artistic season of the Cairo Opera House. The 54th season brings a multitude of events across the Opera House's companies, all amidst challenging national realities

Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
9/11/2012 8:54:18 PM
Darb 1817 cultural centre will host Mashrou' El-Mareekh - an open platform for artistic expression - on the second Friday of every month

Books -
9/6/2012 2:05:40 PM
A meeting today between intellectuals and artists and President Morsi, aiming to discuss the arts and culture post-revolution, will take place without the country's two leading writers, who refuse to participate

Arts & Culture - Visual Art
9/5/2012 12:00:00 AM
Iraqi co-artistic director of the 9th Gwangju Biennale, Wassan Al-Khudhairi, talks to Ahram Online about the South Korean art extravaganza and Arab work therein

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