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World - Region
12/11/2012 1:42:14 PM
The International Atomic Energy Agency is to visit Tehran this week and Iran announced that it is ready to address issues of concern over its controversial nuclear program

World - Region
11/29/2012 10:41:42 AM
Iran's nuclear programme will expectantly be the core issue of an IAEA two-day meeting following a recently-issued UN Security Council resolution calling Tehran to suspend its uranium enrichment activities

Business - Economy
9/26/2012 2:09:17 PM
International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) says its projection for global nuclear generating capacity by 2030 was down between one and nine per cent compared with last year due to effect of Fukushima disaster

World - Region
9/11/2012 7:26:22 PM
Six world powers set to draft resolution voicing concern over Iran's nuclear programme for upcoming meeting of International Atomic Energy Agency

World - Region
8/30/2012 9:49:00 AM
A Non-Aligned Movement summit opens Tehran, gathering the heads of state or government and senior officials from 120 nations in an event Iran hailed as proof it was not internationally isolated

World - Region
5/27/2012 2:52:19 PM
Iran rejects the International Atomic Energy Agency's request to visit its Parchin military complex, says no evidence was presented to justify inspection

World - Region
5/22/2012 5:39:07 PM
Head of the International Atomic Energy Agency and Iran Yukiya Aman believes deal with Iran to be signed "quite soon"; Israel highly skeptical

World - Region
5/8/2012 7:21:05 PM
International Atomic Energy Agency inspector (IAEA) in Iran dies of an accident while another is wounded, Iranian ambassador to IAEA offers condolences

World - Region
3/18/2012 2:52:12 PM
No concessions are to be made in regard to nuclear programme, says Iranian official, despite rising geopolitical tensions

World - Region
3/5/2012 2:41:03 PM
Discussions between International Atomic Energy Agency member states to focus on resuming talks between P5+1 powers and Iran

World - Region
2/28/2012 3:43:35 PM
Iran said on Tuesday that it was optimistic that talks with the watchdog International Atomic Energy Agency would continue and would proceed in the right direction

World - Region
2/25/2012 11:23:02 AM
Although Iran continues to find itself under mounting international pressure, US intelligence findings conclude that Tehran has already abandoned its nuclear weapons programme

Egypt - Politics
2/18/2012 3:33:34 PM
After former International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) head, ElBaradei withdrew from the presidential race, his campaign team changes their name to 'Our Right' to press for Egyptians' rights

World - Region
1/17/2012 6:57:14 PM
International Atomic Energy Agency to dispatch fact-finding team to Tehran later this month, say Iranian officials

World - Region
1/13/2012 2:46:17 PM
UN delegation led by International Atomic Energy Agency chief inspector Herman Nackaerts is to visit Iran on January 28

World - Region
1/11/2012 7:39:18 PM
Iran's Atomic Energy Organisation blames US, Israel after another Iranian nuclear scientist is assassinated on Wednesday

World - Region
12/18/2011 11:31:45 AM
Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak says the Jewish State and the US are determined to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons

World - Region
11/19/2011 10:07:10 AM
The UN General Assembly votes for a resolution that pushes for an investigation into the accusations against Iran that it plotted to assassinate the Saudi envoy to the US; Iranian rep responds with shock

World - International
10/28/2011 3:52:35 PM
The process of removing the melted fuel rods of Japan's damaged Fukushima nuclear plant will take three decades, says Atomic Energy Commission

World - International
9/13/2011 1:54:47 PM
The International Atomic Energy Agency(IAEA) approves a global safety "action pan" for the post-Fukushima nuclear disaster

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