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Arts & Culture - Screens
2/22/2024 6:33:41 PM
African cinema has seized the spotlight at this week's Berlin film festival, probing contemporary realities while demanding attention to historical crimes.

Arts & Culture - Screens
2/8/2024 2:28:06 PM
A few titles by Arab filmmakers made their way to the variety of segments of the upcoming Berlinale (15-25 February 2024). Sitting on jury panels are Sudanese filmmaker Amjad Abu Alala and Iraqi director and screenwriter Abbas Fahdel.

Arts & Culture - Screens
2/1/2024 10:59:21 PM
The Berlin film festival, which has long championed Iran's embattled directors, urged Tehran Thursday to allow two filmmakers who have reportedly been slapped with a travel ban to attend this month's event.

Arts & Culture - Screens
2/26/2023 2:40:03 PM
Yemeni film Al Murhaqoon (The Burdened), from director Amr Gamal, won two awards at the 73rd Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale) that concluded Saturday.

Arts & Culture - Screens
2/26/2023 11:02:39 AM
The Berlin film festival on Saturday awarded its Golden Bear top prize to a documentary by French director Nicolas Philibert and its best acting award to an eight-year-old girl in what jury chief Kristen Stewart described as a "boundary-pushing" event.

Arts & Culture - Screens
2/25/2023 10:04:12 PM
The French documentary “On the Adamant” (Sur l'Adamant) directed by Nicolas Philibert was named best film Saturday at this year's Berlin International Film Festival.

Arts & Culture - Screens
2/25/2023 9:45:14 AM
Director Amr Gamal said Friday he wanted to "open a window" to Yemen with "The Burdened", the first film from the country ever to show at the Berlinale festival.

Arts & Culture - Screens
2/17/2023 11:51:02 AM
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky joined Hollywood actor Sean Penn by video link on Thursday at the opening of the Berlinale, Europe's first major film festival of the year, calling for the entertainment world to maintain its "solidarity" with his besieged country.

Arts & Culture - Screens
2/13/2023 3:15:26 PM
The 73rd Berlinale, Europe's first major film festival of the year, starts on Thursday with new movies from around the world screening in the main showcase.

Arts & Culture - Screens
2/13/2023 3:14:40 PM
The Berlin film festival, Europe's first major cinema showcase of the year, opens on Thursday with a focus on the fight for freedom in Ukraine and Iran and the starriest line-up since the pandemic.

Arts & Culture - Screens
2/10/2023 2:16:41 PM
Egyptian artist Assem Hendawi and filmmaker Tamer El-Said will present their works in the Forum Expanded section of the upcoming 73rd edition of the Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale) set to take place between 16 and 26 February.

Arts & Culture - Screens
1/23/2023 6:56:22 PM
US actor and director Sean Penn will premiere a documentary he filmed in Kyiv featuring Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky at next month's Berlin film festival, organisers said when they unveiled the full programme on Monday.

Arts & Culture - Screens
12/22/2022 12:51:39 PM
Adolf El-Assal, Sameh Alaa and Kesmat El-sayed were chosen to participate in the Berlinale development programme during the festival’s 2023 edition.

Arts & Culture - Screens
2/15/2022 10:14:54 PM
African films are enjoying a high profile at this year's Berlinale festival, with debuts from South Sudan and the Central African Republic (CAR) turning heads along with a new take on "Nollywood".

Arts & Culture - Screens
2/6/2022 5:35:06 PM
The 72nd Berlin film festival opens Thursday, bucking a trend of pandemic on-the-couch streaming with a packed programme of live premieres featuring a stable of European screen legends.

Arts & Culture - Screens
1/27/2022 7:30:40 PM
Three filmmakers of Arab origin are part of the jury panels at the upcoming Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale), which is scheduled to take place in February.

Arts & Culture - Visual Art
1/13/2022 9:00:37 PM
The video installation All of Your Stars are But Dust on My Shoes by the Lebanese artist will be presented within the Forum Expanded programme of the upcoming Berlinale.

Arts & Culture - Screens
1/13/2022 1:27:03 PM
The Berlin International Film Festival is going to take place in person next month despite rising virus numbers in Germany, especially in the capital, organizers said Wednesday

Arts & Culture - Screens
8/28/2021 7:37:28 PM
Forum Expanded are programmes independently curated and organised by Arsenal – Institute for Film and Video Art as part of the Berlin International Film Festival

Arts & Culture - Screens
4/22/2021 5:47:23 PM
The film was chosen for Cannes Film Festival's Official Selection in its cancelled 2020 edition, and it was also chosen to participate in Berlinale 2021 in June

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