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World - International
12/18/2020 1:43:50 PM
The panelists are leaning toward putting “essential workers” first because bus drivers, grocery store clerks and similar employees can’t work from home. They are the people getting infected most often

World - International
1/13/2015 8:15:14 PM
UK capital suffers travel chaos due to strike by bus drivers over pay

Egypt - Politics
12/25/2014 6:41:55 PM
The two drivers were found responsible for the death of 44 passengers in a bus collision near Sharm El-Sheikh last August

Egypt - Politics
7/5/2014 8:13:56 PM
Increase in fuel prices caused concern for bus drivers and commuters on Saturday

Egypt - Features
9/11/2013 6:53:07 PM
Egyptian passengers pay extra on micro-buses as they await decision to resume train operations; Railway authorities say it's in the hands of the Ministry of Interior

World - International
7/12/2013 5:00:42 PM
Bus drivers, metal-workers, stevedores and bank tellers were among the unionized workers who took to the streets

Egypt - Politics
10/3/2012 6:35:40 PM
On second day of microbus strike demanding reduction in fuel prices and fines, four drivers arrested by security forces when clashes break out at protest opposite traffic police headquarters in Cairo

Business - Economy
9/18/2012 4:44:22 PM
Truck and bus drivers in India plan Thursday strike to protest skyrocketing local prices of diesel fuel

Multimedia -
9/17/2012 5:01:20 PM
Transport services in the Cairo metropolitan area grind to halt as drivers strike for a third day, demanding higher salaries and that the board of directors be sacked

Egypt - Politics
9/15/2012 3:02:45 PM
University workers and bus drivers strike demanding better working conditions; school teachers threaten to strike Sunday, the first day of the new school year

Egypt - Politics
10/5/2011 3:56:58 PM
Bus drivers at the Cairo Transportation Authority announced the end of their 17-day strike; workers said they wanted to relieve the public and give the Authority one last chance to improve their lives

Egypt - Politics
10/4/2011 7:11:15 PM
Some of Cairo's bus garages have lifted their strike in order to facilitate negotiations with the government, while others continue work stoppage until their demands are met

Egypt - Politics
10/2/2011 4:01:42 PM
Public bus drivers continue their Cabinet sit-in after rejecting inadequate government offer

Egypt - Politics
10/1/2011 3:45:24 PM
Public transport workers refuse government request to suspend two-week strike with hundreds demonstrating in front of Cabinet building

Egypt - Politics
9/28/2011 1:15:58 PM
Bus drivers remain on strike at two of the larger bus depots in the greater Cairo area, telling Ahram Online that a deal between their union and the minister of manpower is not enough

Egypt - Politics
9/27/2011 7:00:00 PM
After a ten-day strike, reports emerge of government concessions to Cairo bus drivers despite an earlier refusal to enter into negotiations

Egypt - Politics
9/27/2011 12:09:18 PM
El-Borei will meet public transportation workers in an attempt to end the ten-day strike

Business - Economy
9/26/2011 3:54:50 PM
Bus drivers from the Greater Cairo Company join an eight-day-old strike waged by public-sector transport workers

Egypt - Politics
9/25/2011 3:57:10 PM
1000 bus drivers demonstrate Sunday infront of the cabinet headquarters and threaten to mobilise 45,000-worker membership in mass protests

Egypt - Politics
9/22/2011 7:42:00 PM
Ahram Online hears frustration, resignation and confusion at a Downtown Cairo bus station as strike begins to bite

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