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Al-Ahram Weekly - Egypt
10/10/2023 11:36:39 PM
The door for candidate registration in the presidential election will close next Saturday, reports Gamal Essam El-Din

Al-Ahram Weekly - Egypt
10/3/2023 9:03:58 PM
Preparations for presidential elections will shift into high gear as the door opens for candidate registration this week.

Al-Ahram Weekly - World
11/9/2021 8:41:27 PM
Kamel Abdallah follows the process of candidate registration in Libya

Al-Ahram Weekly - Egypt
9/24/2020 4:17:00 PM
Saturday is the final day for candidate registration for the House of Representatives election.

Al-Ahram Weekly - Egypt
7/16/2020 9:25:42 AM
The first stage of Senate elections began this week

Egypt - Presidential Elections 2018
1/29/2018 3:23:55 PM
The elections authority has received two candidacy requests, from President El-Sisi and Moussa Mostafa Moussa, the head of the Ghad Party, a spokesman said

Egypt - Politics
9/5/2015 7:34:05 PM
Non-Islamist political parties are struggling to finalise their candidate lists

Egypt - Politics
3/29/2014 7:45:02 PM
Egypt's long-awaited presidential election process start in earnest in the coming days when a date for candidate registration is announced

World - Region
6/27/2013 2:27:49 PM
Candidate registration for parliamentary elections starts in Kuwait amid a political crisis that has stalled development in the wealthy Gulf state

Egypt - Politics
3/10/2012 11:11:15 AM
The registration period for Egypt's historic presidential race begins today, with candidates having to meet criterion set my a nation-wide referendum in March

Egypt - Politics
10/21/2011 5:14:00 PM
Former members of Mubarak’s now-defunct NDP swamp the first week of candidate registration for upcoming parliamentary polls, might make considerable gains in polls

Egypt - Politics
10/18/2011 5:55:50 PM
As Egypt gears up for its first post-January Revolution parliamentary elections, political parties struggle to form and maintain meaningful alliances

Egypt - Politics
10/16/2011 12:09:08 PM
High Commission for Elections allows candidates additional four days to register for elections due to begin in November