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Al-Ahram Weekly - Culture
3/3/2020 10:41:42 PM
The film was recently screened at Zawya cinema, Cairo

Business - Economy
3/14/2019 1:58:50 PM
How much did crony capitalism cost Egypt under former president Hosni Mubarak? Beesan Kassab sifts the evidence

Books -
8/14/2018 5:41:44 PM
Late economist Samir Amin, a brilliant mind that earned the description of the 'Radical Economist'

Books - News
8/13/2018 6:48:56 PM

Opinion -
6/22/2018 7:24:49 PM
This year sees the bicentenary of the birth of Karl Marx and draws attention to the German thinker’s continuing legacy

Opinion -
4/20/2017 9:15:05 AM
Nearly three decades after the global capitalist system was declared victorious, the same system is facing crises on multiple fronts: in economics, democracy, ethics and the rise of racist populism.

Arts & Culture - Screens
3/20/2016 10:00:00 AM

Books -
5/14/2015 12:06:00 PM
Samir Amin provides four new studies that take on the contemporary discourses in economy, politicising religion, nationalism, and the use of concepts

World - International
6/11/2013 12:40:34 PM
Anti-capitalist group plans 'Carnival Against Capitalism' against G8 summit only to be disrupted by police raid in London Tuesday

Opinion -
11/4/2012 10:47:46 AM
Barbaric capitalism together with continuing traffic jams, budget deficits, borrowing from abroad and the present regime's servile stance on Israel are some of the worries of Egyptian citizens today

Books -
10/2/2012 6:51:05 PM
World-famous Marxist economist Samir Amin spoke to Ahram Online about how capitalism developed over the years and how today's world, Egypt included, is witnessing the 'autumn of capitalism'

Books - World
6/3/2012 3:33:39 PM
Literary tastes in India, as anywhere, change with the times, but one writer has never gone out of vogue: Ayn Rand, the high priestess of free-market capitalism and unfettered individualism

World - International
5/12/2012 8:13:17 PM
Demonstrators gathered in London's financial heart calling for an end to 'predatory capitalism' after their movement declared a global day of action

Opinion -
4/14/2012 4:52:20 PM
The entrance of Omar Suleiman into Egypt's presidential race is an attempt to revive the alliance between capitalists and the military bureaucracy that was ousted by the January 2011 revolution. Will it succeed?

Business - Economy
4/13/2012 12:46:32 AM
Facebook's willingness to pay $1 billion to buy the 12-person start-up Instagram has Silicon Valley venture capitalists happily re-doing their math on the potential value of hot young companies.

Business - Economy
11/22/2011 5:28:10 PM
Hassan Heikal, chief executive of EFG Hermes, calls for a one-off tax to save capitalism and generate $5,000 billion

Business - Economy
11/12/2011 12:13:39 PM
President Dilma Rousseff is expected to follow her predecessor in boosting Brazil's ties with Africa, a resource-rich continent seen as the last frontier for world capitalism, analysts say

Business - Economy
10/24/2011 2:14:50 PM
Fundamental reform is needed to abolish crony capitalism and satisfy the younger generations driving the Arab world's uprisings, say World Economic Forum attendees in Jordan

World - International
10/23/2011 10:47:48 AM
Riot police break up week-long anti-capitalism protests in Sydney on Sunday, with demonstrators claiming they were forcibly evicted from their city campsite in violent dawn raids

World - International
10/21/2011 10:29:12 AM
Two policemen are injured and up to 20 people arrested in clashes between authorities and anti-capitalism protesters in Australia's second-largest city Melbourne on Friday

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