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Business - Economy
6/13/2012 1:11:12 PM
Major customers are turning down country's offers of cheap crude after pressure from Washington to cut ties

Business - Economy
5/3/2012 11:40:59 AM
Global prices slip on the back of cheaper grains and sugar with the decline likely to continue in the short-term

World - International
3/29/2012 11:48:06 AM
Spanish workers strike against labor reform saying it makes it cheaper for companies to fire people and dismantles system of collective bargaining

Life & Style - Health
3/14/2012 4:09:01 PM
The American University in Cairo said Wednesday that a team of its researchers has designed a faster and cheaper test for all types of hepatitis C, which it says affects about 10 million Egyptians

Business - Economy
2/8/2012 2:28:38 PM
Iran's investments have been focused on building energy-hungry industry fuelled by cheap oil

Business - Economy
1/28/2012 11:46:30 AM
European sanctions on Iranian crude lead the country to shift its production towards China; which will then be able to negotiate a cheaper price

Business - Economy
12/29/2011 9:45:55 AM
Sovereign borrowing among Gulf states expected to rise in 2012 as a way to funnel funds to state-linked companies via cheap loans or other channels

Egypt - Politics
10/14/2011 10:56:25 AM
Mourners make clear they hold the military council and its head, Field Marshal Tantawi, responsible for targeting of Egypt's 'cheap' Coptic Christians in order to divide the country

Egypt - Politics
10/13/2011 8:23:44 PM
'Their blood does not come cheap,' Shenouda declares in Wednesday sermon devoted to Sunday's Maspero massacre, taking issue with military justification for death of 24 Copts in 'Bloody Sunday'

Business - Economy
9/14/2011 5:18:28 PM
Planned subsidies will hurt government finances but may restore its popularity ahead of key elections

World - International
9/9/2011 2:39:19 PM
China accuses the US of having 'double standards' in combating terrorism, using counter-terrorism as a 'cheap excuse' for interventions

World - Region
9/6/2011 7:09:17 PM
The Arab Spring hasn't come cheap. Uprisings this year across the Arab world _ stoked by chasms of income disparity, high unemployment and inflation _ are now being addressed with pledges of money

Business - Economy
8/18/2011 1:51:11 PM
Funds will go towards improving the lives of the poor, creating jobs and providing cheaper energy, says European Commission

Sports - World
8/16/2011 11:37:14 AM
Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger admits other teams would have paid more for Cesc Fabregas, but the Spanish midfielder wasn't willing to join any other club

Business - Economy
7/19/2011 11:18:55 AM
Prices climb early on Tuesday as traders snap up cheap crude after European and US debt strains pulled prices down on Monday

Business - Economy
7/1/2011 1:16:06 PM
How Egypt would be able to secure its supplies at affordable prices remain an unanswered question, as G20 agriculture ministers meeting in the French capital last week sidestepped measures to tackle food price volatility

World - Region
6/21/2011 1:20:41 PM
Indonesian lawmakers call for temporary suspension of workers' travel to Saudi Arabia after beheading of maid in Saudi Arabia

Business - Economy
3/12/2011 5:49:05 PM
New Labour Minister El-Borai announced he will stop issuing work permits to foreigners amidst resentment of employers who take advantage of cheap foreign labour

Business - Economy
2/17/2011 12:57:36 PM
Cheap transit rights through Tunisia may be reviewed by a new government

Sports - World
2/15/2011 2:38:00 PM
UEFA has set the cheapest ticket price at $40 when seats for 2012 European Championship matches in Poland and Ukraine go on sale next month

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