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Egypt - Society
6/27/2022 10:41:13 PM
Egypt is keen on eliminating the phenomenon of child labour by 2025, Minister of Manpower Mohamed Saafan said on Monday at a ceremony organised by the International Labour Organisation’s (ILO) office in Cairo to mark World Day Against Child Labour.

Egypt - Politics
6/19/2015 10:36:38 AM

Business - Economy
9/21/2014 8:36:56 PM
European Union and World Food Program will work to keep children in school with focus on female students

World - Region
9/20/2013 10:43:18 PM
Syrian children in Lebanon's informal refugee camps at risk of being exploited for child labour for their families survival

World - International
6/12/2012 3:10:45 PM
Police raids in India's capital find many young children working in dangerous conditions; 50,000 children are believed to be employed in the city

World - Region
8/25/2011 4:38:50 PM
Four-year-old Filipino girl and her mother are ordered to be deported by plane from Israel by immigration authorities, after civil rights group loses its appeal on their behalf

Business - Economy
7/14/2011 11:15:35 PM
A recent official estimation by CAPMAS and the ILO of the number child labourers working in Egypt reveals unsavory truths

Business - Economy
7/11/2011 6:53:50 PM
A report from the ILO marking the World Day Against Child Labour details the dangers for the world's 215 million underage workers

Arts & Culture - Film
1/26/2011 4:31:31 PM
Geld Hay (Living Skin) is a gripping 52-minute documentary that follows the child labourers working in the tanneries

Egypt - Politics
12/24/2010 12:41:32 PM
Police arrest eight ring members for child labour exploitation and rape