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Sports - World
1/10/2013 3:17:19 PM
Defender Christophe Jallet warns Paris St Germain team mates over Ligue 1 resume on Friday

World - Region
12/19/2012 11:44:11 AM
Eight people were killed following a mine collapse in the Iranian city of Tabas

World - International
12/11/2012 4:36:27 PM
A bridge which collapsed in the South African province of Mpumalanga during heavy rains let fourteen people dead

World - International
12/2/2012 3:00:00 PM
At the sight of the collapsed highway tunnel, Japanese rescuers found five charred bodies

Business - Economy
11/23/2012 3:40:16 PM
Leader of European nations close to a deadlock in talks on a trillion euro budget for the 27-member states

World - Region
11/21/2012 1:09:06 PM
A prominent Syrian activist says opposition needs $60 billion to secure the first six months that will follow the collapse of Bashar Al-Assad's regime

World - International
11/18/2012 1:49:48 PM
22 suspects were put on trial for involvement in the huge Kabul Bank fraud, including the bank's founder and chairman, and the bank's CEO, which pushed Afghanistan's once-largest private lender to the point of collapse

World - International
11/13/2012 12:48:16 PM
As a result of heavy flooding continued in the Tuscany region of Italy, three people perished as they car fell off a collapsed bridge during intense rain, authorities announced

World - Region
10/26/2012 3:18:56 PM
A ceasefire between the Syrian army and rebel forces that took effect on Friday has collapsed in several regions amid fighting

Egypt - Politics
10/15/2012 10:31:56 AM
A building collapses in Egypt's second city Alexandria, leaving four dead and eight wounded

Business - Economy
9/30/2012 2:08:24 PM
Recent US and European sanctions have put Iranians 'in great economic difficulties', claims minister

Egypt - Politics
9/27/2012 6:43:43 PM
Following last year's surprise parliamentary showing, Egypt's Salafist Nour Party now appears on the verge of collapse. How this will effect Egypt's Islamists, however, has yet to be seen

Egypt - Politics
9/24/2012 6:01:17 PM
Following repeated building collapses in Egypt's second city, Alexandria governor says he will order removal of building deemed hazardous to public safety

Egypt - Politics
9/12/2012 5:01:16 PM
Rescue forces confirm seven dead and five still missing under the rubble of a collapsed building in Shubra district of Cairo

World - Region
8/22/2012 7:14:08 PM
Pro-US Lebanese opposition movement warns of Syrian-Iranian plot aimed at destabilising country

Sports - Africa
8/15/2012 4:16:19 PM
Bolton Wanderers announce Wednesday that Fabrice Muamba, who collapsed with a cardiac arrest during a match against Tottenham in March, has retired from football on the advice of doctors

World - Region
8/14/2012 4:16:36 PM
Syria's former prime minister, who defected last week, says the regime is collapsing and now only controlls about a third of the conflict-wracked country

Sports - Africa
8/5/2012 6:00:00 PM
A Nigerian soccer player has collapsed and died during a second-division league game in Romania after doctors were unable to resuscitate him

Egypt - Politics
7/18/2012 8:44:08 PM
Total death toll reaches 22 dead, 7 injured; Alexandria security officials charge local building owners with ignoring safety warnings, failure to maintain properties

Egypt - Politics
7/16/2012 2:08:14 PM
Owner of apartment block is charged with ignoring previous safety warnings, contributing to Saturday's tragedy in which 19 died

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