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World - Region
4/24/2011 1:34:02 PM
Post-revolution Egypt's signals of its willingness to open a new page in its relations with Iran is creating "deep concern" among the Arab Gulf states, according to a major Kuwaiti newspaper

World - Region
4/24/2011 12:07:10 PM
Protesters continue to call for the ouster of the regime, despite Saleh's adoption of an exit plan

World - Region
4/20/2011 5:49:52 PM
Iraq respects any decision taken by the Arab League regarding the time and place of the next Arab summit, Iraq's permanent ambassador to the league tells Ahram Online

World - Region
4/18/2011 5:52:43 PM
Gulf Cooperation Council says in a statement that Saudi and UAE forces will only leave Bahrain when Iranian threat to Gulf Arab countries is judged to be over

World - Region
4/14/2011 7:40:27 PM
Against the protests of Iraq, May’s proposed Arab summit to be held in Baghdad appears certain to be delayed, perhaps indefinitely

World - Region
4/14/2011 2:09:07 PM
Emerging-nation powers reject use of force in Libya in third annual meeting, intend to continue cooperation in UN Security Council resolution

World - Region
4/10/2011 4:14:52 PM
A Bahraini activist dies in regime custody after reportedly "causing chaos in detention" and receiving several injuries, while another is found dead in his cell

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4/8/2011 12:56:16 PM
Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh rejects offer from Gulf Cooperation Council after studying it

World - Region
4/4/2011 5:21:51 PM
Members of the Gulf Cooperation Council accuse Iran of violating sovereignty of Gulf countries

World - Region
3/21/2011 1:06:16 PM
Bahrain's king said a foreign plot against his Sunni-led island state had been foiled, and the head of the Gulf Cooperation Council said interference by Shi'ite Iran in the Gulf Arab states would not be tolerated

Egypt - Politics
3/20/2011 7:23:00 PM
Egypt’s Prime Minister Essam Sharaf met with European Parliament president Jerzy Buzek to discuss possible future cooperation

World - Region
3/20/2011 11:40:20 AM
Kuwait Islamist MPs blast premier and will question him in parliament for not sending troops to participate in the GCC Saudi-led intervention in Bahrain

World - International
3/19/2011 4:33:46 PM
Foreign ministers of Japan, China and South Korea meet in an effort to bolster cooperation on nuclear safety in light of Japan's ongoing crisis

World - Region
2/26/2011 3:39:48 PM
Iran and Syria announced their decision to start joint naval cooperation after the safe arrival of two Iranian ships to Syrian port

World - Region
2/6/2011 4:07:31 PM
Turkey's prime minister praised booming ties with one-time foe Syria, saying that a joint dam project at the border between the two neighbours would further strengthen cooperation

World - International
1/26/2011 3:51:27 PM
NATO and Russian military officials hold talks amid the outrage over Moscow's terror attack, though they remain divergent on missile defence cooperation

Business - Economy
1/26/2011 3:44:00 PM
Arab investment expected to grow as cooperation with Gulf countries improves

World - Region
1/26/2011 12:29:49 PM
The south's minister for regional cooperation, Alor, has no problem with the ICC, though membership would compel the south to arrest Bashir if he entered its territory

Sports - World
1/23/2011 11:43:00 AM
Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin announces his intention to seek the cooperation of FIFA from the start of his country's preparations for the 2018 World Cup

Business - Region
1/20/2011 6:29:45 PM
In an Al-Ahram interview with the president of the African Export-Import Bank, bank president talks about the importance of African Cooperation and current development projects

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