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World - Region
6/10/2011 3:06:04 PM
Security forces open fire on peaceful demonstration in southern village, killing two, one of whom was an amputee
World - Region
6/10/2011 1:52:53 PM
Syrian forces open fire on thousands of protesters calling for the fall of the Syrian regime in Daraa
World - Region
6/10/2011 12:49:10 PM
Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan reverses soft stance towards Syria's Assad and reveals that the UN Security Council is preparing a response
World - Region
6/10/2011 11:30:42 AM
Protesters call for 'Friday of the Tribes' in Syria, while refugees flee to Turkey due to a major army operation in northern towns
World - Region
6/8/2011 6:22:08 PM
Bahrain bans presentation on 'atrocities of human rights violations' says opposition group al-Wefaq
World - Region
6/7/2011 5:48:48 PM
Rights groups, including Amnesty International, are calling on the UN Security Council to drag Al-Assad and his regime to the ICC for widespread crimes against humanity committed against citizens during the country's uprising
World - Region
6/7/2011 4:51:16 PM
Residents in northern Syrian town say defecting soldiers were behind the killing of officers
World - Region
6/6/2011 2:33:44 PM
Violence continues in Syria as security tries to quell protest movement, 40 killed Sunday
World - Region
6/3/2011 4:56:45 PM
Government crackdown against largest Syrian demo to date results in at least 67 deaths say activists as thousands defy brutal crackdown and rally on Friday in honour of murdered children
World - Region
6/3/2011 3:50:38 PM
Syrian security forces shoot 10 protesters as they open fire on tens of thousands in central city of Hama, demonstrations take place in several cities, including capital Damascus on 'Children's Friday'
World - Region
6/3/2011 3:15:17 PM
Thousands demonstrate in and around Damascus on 'Children's Friday' says rights activist
World - Region
6/3/2011 12:48:09 PM
Syrian troops shell Rastan killing two on Friday, bringing death toll to 74 in the besieged city as protesters prepare for 'Children's Friday'
Egypt - Politics
6/1/2011 5:18:28 PM
Clinton objects to crackdown on Egypt media
World - Region
5/31/2011 3:41:38 PM
Residents of Rastan attack police station and seize weapons after Sunday's military operation that killed 11
World - Region
5/30/2011 2:49:57 PM
The death toll rose to 11 Monday in the central Syrian region of Homs, a flashpoint surrounded by security forces waging a crackdown on anti-regime protesters
World - International
5/28/2011 2:34:05 PM
Leading rights group Amnesty urged China to avoid a violent crackdown on ethnic Mongolian protesters, who have engaged in five days of protests against Chinese rule in Inner Mongolia
World - Region
5/28/2011 11:49:50 AM
The only way forward for Bahrain is through political reform rather than oppression of its Shiites and a heavy-handed crackdowns
World - Region
5/27/2011 3:04:09 PM
Security forces lead a massive crackdown on peaceful protesters in Damascus, Aleppo and Deir Ezzor
World - Region
5/27/2011 12:30:00 PM
Syrian regime's security forces intensify its crackdown on the peaceful protesters, while world demands an immediate end to the use of force against civilians
World - Region
5/25/2011 6:37:58 PM
Four Bahraini citizens sentenced to one-year in prison for taking part in protests and inciting against monarchy
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