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12/8/2021 3:42:16 PM
The carding market, the trafficking and use of stolen credit cards, in the Middle East fell by 49 percent during the second half (2H) of 2020 and the first half (1H) of 2021 to reach $24.4 million, down from $47.6 million a year earlier, stated Hi-Tech Crime Trends 2021/2022, a report released by Group-IB.

Business - Economy
8/17/2020 2:14:12 PM
Paymob announced on Monday its partnership with Holyo, a German-based provider for global branded payments that helps leading brands like PlayStation monetise their products in places where credit cards are not widely used

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3/17/2020 2:47:33 PM
Banks are raising daily transaction limits on credit cards and cancelling fees and commissions on ATM withdrawals

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3/15/2020 6:03:10 PM
The Central Bank’s measures include upping limits on daily transactions, including at ATMs, and encouraging the use of credit cards over cash

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1/21/2020 9:29:11 PM
The award reflects the increase in the bank’s market share

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5/10/2017 1:12:17 PM
The National Bank of Egypt (NBE), HSBC and the Commercial International Bank (CIB) have already restored maximum limits for their credit and debit card holders

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11/3/2016 10:08:00 PM

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8/14/2016 6:56:03 PM
This is the second time CIB decreases withdrawals and purchases outside the country in 15 days

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4/7/2013 10:38:00 AM
Posters using the name of the hacking group Anonymous warns they will launch a massive attack on Israeli sites in a strike they called (hash)OpIsrael starting April 7

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3/31/2012 1:56:47 PM
Global credit cards operators warn their customers of their credits' data breach

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1/8/2012 10:24:30 AM
Saudi-based hacker publishes the credit card of thousands of Israeli citizens, a move Israel likens to a terrorist attack

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8/24/2011 4:50:13 PM
Western-approved 'smart sanction' aimed at senior regime officials looks like hurting local business owners

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5/22/2011 3:09:27 PM
Despite economic troubles and diminishing buying power, the number of purchases made by credit cards hasn't slowed - a good sign for both banks and consumers, say some