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World - Africa
4/3/2023 11:47:16 AM
A falling local currency, salary arrears payments and war spending have pushed up prices in impoverished Democratic Republic of Congo, leaving locals struggling to afford basics.

World - Region
1/23/2023 10:34:34 AM
Iraq's prime minister on Monday replaced the governor of the country's Central Bank following a weekslong plunge of the Iraqi dinar, the state news agency reported.

World - Region
6/16/2022 3:36:29 PM
Iran's Central Bank is allowing licensed exchange offices to resume buying and selling foreign currency, days after traders protested over the worsening economic situation and the country's currency dropped to its lowest value ever, state-run media reported Thursday.

World - Region
6/12/2022 2:21:14 PM
Iran's currency Sunday dropped to its lowest value ever as talks to revive the country's tattered nuclear deal with world powers remained deadlocked.

World - Region
6/13/2021 5:56:06 PM
Lebanon is in the throes of a deep economic meltdown that is threatening its stability. The World Bank has called it one of the deepest depressions of modern history

World - International
9/20/2020 12:01:02 PM

World - Region
9/13/2018 1:42:03 PM

World - Region
7/31/2018 10:58:40 AM