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World - Region
7/25/2014 1:52:13 PM

Egypt - Politics
7/3/2014 7:36:10 PM

Egypt - Politics
6/30/2014 9:37:14 PM
Islamic coalition says 3 July - marking a year since Mohamed Morsi was ousted - will be the 'start to the end of the coup', as it urges mass protests

World - Region
12/15/2013 9:08:48 AM

World - Region
11/30/2013 6:56:54 PM
Arrests made in Ramallah, Naqab and Beir El during anti-Prawer Plan 'day of rage' against eviction of Palestinian Bedouins

Egypt - Politics
4/6/2013 11:54:34 AM
Police reinforces its presence around key government headquarters in Cairo's downtown ahead of 'Day of Rage' protest marches planned for Saturday

Multimedia -
1/28/2013 10:47:11 PM
Protesters march from Sayeda Zeinab mosque in Cairo on the second anniversary of the decisive 'Day of Rage' of 2011, this time chanting against the Muslim Brotherhood.

Arts & Culture - Visual Art
9/23/2012 8:02:30 PM
The American University in Cairo is organising a trilogy of events that commemorate the artwork of Ahmed Basiony, martyred during the Day of Rage protests on 28 January 2011

Egypt - Politics
3/20/2012 2:11:00 PM
Cairo's Criminal Court charges 11 low-ranking police officers with killing protesters on the 'Day of Rage' and are to spend a year in jail, while three other policemen were acquitted

Egypt - Politics
3/12/2012 7:27:03 PM
Those injured in the revolution plan to protest a parliamentary vote against raising their compensation entitlement

Egypt -
3/8/2012 7:10:48 PM
Court finds police officer not guilty of killing two protesters during Egypt's revolution

Arts & Culture - Visual Art
1/30/2012 11:28:00 AM
Artist Ahmed Bassiouny was one of hundreds shot dead on Egypt's first Day of Rage during the revolution. A year later his call for protests resonates in the minds of those who loved him and for whose better life he gave his own

Egypt - Politics
1/28/2012 7:50:08 PM
Thousands of protesters march in and around Tahrir Square to commemorate the 28 January protests, on which day hundreds died at the hands of Mubarak's police

Egypt - Politics
1/28/2012 2:31:49 PM
Activists plan a one-day boycott of networks to protest the communication blackout that provided cover for state atrocities during the revolution, but Minister defends networks

Egypt - Politics
1/28/2012 1:33:54 PM
The Muslim Brotherhood dismantle their stage and remove their tents while others plan for more events in Tahrir in memory of the 28 January "Day of Rage"

Egypt - Politics
1/28/2012 10:29:18 AM
Activists plan events in memory of the 28 January "Day of Rage," which saw hundreds martyred in confronting the security forces of the former Mubarak regime

World - International
10/15/2011 5:54:27 PM
Protesters rallied across the world to accuse bankers and politicians of wrecking economies, but only in Rome did the global "day of rage" erupt into violence

World - Region
9/25/2011 2:03:02 PM
Nobody showed up at a new "day of rage"called recently in this violence-scarred North African nation, but situation in Algeria remains volatile

Egypt -
6/29/2011 6:31:52 PM
Ahram Online recounts the conflicting stories of what transpired on 28 June, when the police violently clashed with protesters in Tahrir Square and the streets surrounding the ministry of interior

Egypt - Politics
6/29/2011 11:27:56 AM
Families of the January 25 Revolution martyrs have taken to Tahrir Square after a night of violent clashes with police reminiscent of street battles from the first 18 days of the uprising

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